The largest Cities in Europe

We do not rank the cities in Europe by their inhabitants. We counted the number of headquarters of big companies in each European city and published here a very unique ranking of the largest cities in Europe. The deadline for this ranking was 2007-05-01.

In a similar ranking, where we sorted all cities by the total sales of all big companies we created also the equivalence of this page.
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Pos. Last P. City No Co. Total Sales  
1(1)London, Londres (United Kingdom)3,4555,420,317
2(2)Paris (France)2,4852,701,674
3(3)Helsinki, Helsinki (Finland)2,095207,062
4(4)Hamburg, Hambourg (Germany)1,620474,433
5(5)Oslo (Norway)1,4981,155,419
6(6)Berlin (Germany)1,338279,205
7(7)Stockholm (Sweden)1,272397,855
8(8)München, Munich (Germany)1,260483,064
9(9)Madrid (Spain)1,130706,484
10(10)Milano, Milan, Mailand (Italy)1,032293,178
11(12)Bruxelles, Brussels, Brüssel (Belgium)916640,441
12(11)Moskva, Moscow, Moskau, Moscou (Russia)9141,574,318
13(13)Wien, Vienna, Vienne (Austria)852282,789
14(14)Köln, Cologne (Germany)736283,576
15(15)Frankfurt am Main, Francfort-sur-le-Main (Germany)702403,995
16(16)Espoo (Finland)684179,712
17(17)Düsseldorf, Duesseldorf (Germany)680394,332
18(18)Vantaa (Finland)64047,419
19(19)Budapest (Hungary)624182,312
20(20)Stuttgart (Germany)601408,218
21(21)Praha, Prague, Prag (Czech Republic)535190,389
22(22)Barcelona, Barcelone (Spain)529167,199
23(23)Göteborg, Goeteborg, Gothenburg (Sweden)49870,532
24(24)Manchester (United Kingdom)49465,478
25(25)Warszawa, Warsaw, Warschau (Poland)466195,621
26(26)Roma, Rome, Rom (Italy)437390,683
27(27)Bremen (Germany)42838,518
28(28)Amsterdam (Netherlands)426256,796
29(29)Birmingham (United Kingdom)42378,136
30(31)Lisboa, Lisbon, Lissabon, Lisbonne (Portugal)421111,390
31(30)Tampere (Finland)42114,973
32(32)Hannover, Hanover (Germany)414169,337
33(33)Istanbul (Turkey)412102,970
34(34)Athinai, Athens, Athen, Athènes (Greece)411136,735
35(35)Essen (Germany)399274,661
36(36)Turku, Aabo (Finland)39311,975
37(37)Malmö, Malmoe (Sweden)39118,162
38(38)Nürnberg, Nuremberg (Germany)36976,150
39(39)Glasgow (United Kingdom)36852,715
40(40)Zürich, Zurich (Switzerland)346218,832
41(41)Antwerpen, Antwerp, Anvers (Belgium)34486,836
42(42)København, Copenhagen, Kopenhagen (Denmark)312116,692
43(43)Leeds (United Kingdom)30943,686
44(44)Rotterdam (Netherlands)288140,662
45(45)Dortmund (Germany)28454,840
46(46)Bristol (United Kingdom)27964,943
47(47)Nottingham (United Kingdom)26835,769
48(48)Lyon, Lyons (France)25729,214
49(49)Aberdeen (United Kingdom)25640,235
50(50)Leicester (United Kingdom)25126,551

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Remarks: (more ...)
We list all important cities in Europe (including Russia and Turkey).
We define the size of a city by the number of headquarters of big companies.
Big companies must have at least one million Euro annual sales.
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