The largest Cities in Europe

We do not rank the cities in Europe by their inhabitants. We counted the number of headquarters of big companies in each European city and published here a very unique ranking of the largest cities in Europe. The deadline for this ranking was 2007-05-01.

In a similar ranking, where we sorted all cities by the total sales of all big companies we created also the equivalence of this page.
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Pos. Last P. City No Co. Total Sales  
51(51)Mannheim (Germany)25085,958
52(52)Bucuresti, Bucharest, Bukarest (Romania)244168,088
53(53)Stavanger (Norway)24387,608
54(54)Karlsruhe (Germany)24366,083
55(55)Bergen (Norway)24335,452
56(56)Marseille (France)23354,330
57(57)Oulu (Finland)2334,503
58(58)Torino, Turin (Italy)230147,070
59(59)Trondheim (Norway)2309,617
60(60)Sheffield (United Kingdom)22615,943
61(61)Bielefeld (Germany)22441,408
62(62)Luxemburg, Luxemburg, Luxembourg (Luxembourg)21269,796
63(63)Duisburg (Germany)20884,288
64(64)Lahti (Finland)2087,809
65(65)Edinburgh (United Kingdom)20673,713
66(66)Dresden (Germany)20613,938
67(67)Wuppertal (Germany)20431,472
68(68)Liverpool (United Kingdom)20228,017
69(69)Solna (Sweden)18736,665
70(70)Bonn, Bonne (Germany)186164,134
71(71)Helsingborg (Sweden)18312,816
72(72)Wiesbaden (Germany)18228,375
73(73)Augsburg (Germany)18040,856
74(74)Leipzig (Germany)17917,780
75(75)Linz (Austria)17753,058
76(76)Münster, Muenster (Germany)17629,386
77(77)Toulouse (France)17519,175
78(78)Sankt Peterburg, Saint Petersburg, St. Petersburg, Saint-Péterbourg (Russia)172110,038
79(79)Saarbrücken, Saarbruecken, Sarrebruck (Germany)17118,310
80(80)Bochum (Germany)16943,182
81(81)Aachen (Germany)16720,085
82(82)Genova, Genoa, Genua, Gênes (Italy)16526,041
83(83)Braunschweig (Germany)16521,202
84(84)Utrecht (Netherlands)16458,609
85(85)Den Haag, The Hague, La Haye (Netherlands)163140,196
86(86)Strasbourg, Straßburg (France)15920,348
87(87)Mönchengladbach, Moenchengladbach (Germany)15816,330
88(88)Drammen (Norway)1568,807
89(89)Bradford (United Kingdom)15436,904
90(90)Nicosia, Nikosia, Nicosie (Cyprus)15284,654
91(91)Coventry (United Kingdom)15277,745
92(92)Freiburg (Germany)1517,294
93(93)Boulogne-Billancourt (France)149153,901
94(94)Ljubljana, Laibach (Slovenia)14916,109
95(95)Lübeck, Luebeck (Germany)1499,193
96(96)Antrim (United Kingdom)1496,425
97(97)Norwich (United Kingdom)14811,669
98(98)Zagreb, Agram (Croatia)14621,072
99(99)Tallinn, Reval (Estonia)1439,788
100(100)Jyväskylä, Jyvaeskylae (Finland)1422,609

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Remarks: (more ...)
We list all important cities in Europe (including Russia and Turkey).
We define the size of a city by the number of headquarters of big companies.
Big companies must have at least one million Euro annual sales.
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