The largest Cities in Europe

We do not rank the cities in Europe by their inhabitants. We counted the number of headquarters of big companies in each European city and published here a very unique ranking of the largest cities in Europe. The deadline for this ranking was 2007-05-01.

In a similar ranking, where we sorted all cities by the total sales of all big companies we created also the equivalence of this page.
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Pos. Last P. City No Co. Total Sales  
21101(21131)St Germain Au Mont D'Or (France)112
21102(21132)St Helens (United Kingdom)112
21103(21133)St Jean Bonnefonds (France)112
21104(21134)St Julien Puy Laveze (France)112
21105(21135)St Just De Claix (France)112
21106(21136)St Laurent Des Hommes (France)112
21107(21137)St Laurent Sur Sève, St Laurent Sur Seve (France)112
21108(21138)St Léonard De Noblat, St Leonard De Noblat (France)112
21109(21139)St Léonarde, St Leonarde (France)112
21110(21140)St Martin D'Ablois (France)112
21111(21141)St Martin De Re (France)112
21112(21142)St Martin La Plaine (France)112
21113(21143)St Maurice De Lignon (France)112
21114(21144)St Maximin (France)112
21115(21145)St Michel Mont Mercure (France)112
21116(21146)St Michel Sur Meurthe (France)112
21117(21147)St Nicolas (France)112
21118(21148)St Paul Trois Château, St Paul Trois Chateau (France)112
21119(21149)St Péreuse, St Pereuse (France)112
21120(21150)St Pierre Le Moutier (France)112
21121(21151)St Pryvé St Mesmin, St Pryve St Mesmin (France)112
21122(21152)St Quentin Falavier (France)112
21123(21153)St Sauveur Le Vicomte (France)112
21124(21154)St. Florian Bei Linz (Austria)112
21125(21155)St. Johann Im Pongau (Austria)112
21126(21156)Staffordsire (United Kingdom)112
21127(21157)Stafordshire (United Kingdom)112
21128(21158)Stammbach (Germany)112
21129(21159)Stavsjö, Stavsjoe (Sweden)112
21130(21160)Ste Hélène Sr Isère, Ste Helene Sr Isere (France)112
21131(21161)Ste Lizaigne (France)112
21132(21162)Steenbecque (France)112
21133(21163)Steenwerck (France)112
21134(21164)Stollberg Ortteil Beutha (Germany)112
21135(21165)Stratford Upon Avon (United Kingdom)112
21136(21166)Strombeekmmobever (Belgium)112
21137(21167)Suris (France)112
21138(21168)Tagliolo Monferrato (Italy)112
21139(21169)Tarantasca (Italy)112
21140(21170)Tärendö, Taerendoe (Sweden)112
21141(21171)Taufkirchen An Der Pra (Austria)112
21142(21172)Terlizzi (Italy)112
21143(21173)Theres (Germany)112
21144(21174)Tigliole (Italy)112
21145(21175)Tilly (Belgium)112
21146(21176)Todtenweis (Germany)112
21147(21177)Tollo (Italy)112
21148(21178)Tomar (Portugal)112
21149(21179)Torpsbruk (Sweden)112
21150(21180)Torre Di Mosto (Italy)112

1..50 21001..21050, 21051..21100, 21101..21150, 21151..21200, 21201..21250 28801..28850
Remarks: (more ...)
We list all important cities in Europe (including Russia and Turkey).
We define the size of a city by the number of headquarters of big companies.
Big companies must have at least one million Euro annual sales.
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