Yacht is described as a pleasure boat of any size and type, historically, and still the case in most countries. Yacht racing is the sport of racing sailboats.

Moreover, in the United States, the word yacht often is applied to a pleasure boat longer than about 40 feet with luxurious accommodations. A better and more typical definition applies a higher standard: to be a yacht, a pleasure boat must be unusually graceful, well proportioned, and seaworthy in appearance, and have a fine paint or varnish finish. Luxury is less important than ability. The word is also used to describe any large powerboat that take passengers for pleasure, including cruise ships.

Othere related terms are:

Yachtsman or yachtswoman - someone who owns or uses a yacht under any of these meanings.

Yacht broker is a professional seller of boats.

Yacht club (Y.C.) is a private organization of boaters; most yacht clubs have waterfront facilities, marinas, and anchorages.

Yacht designer is a naval architect who specializes in designing yachts.

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  Yacht harbor

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  Boat Building
  Yacht building, not done in shipyards

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