In 1992, Ez hou Zhongnan Strontium Industry Company Limited was established, it was located in Ezhou city Hebei province. In 1996, it moved to Wuhan city, the capital of Hubei province, to satisfy the requirement of business development, and the name of the company was renamed Wuhan Zhengyu Special Alloys Co., Ltd. In 2001, the company merged the Zhuozhou Jingying Aluminum Alloy Company Limited, and moved its head office to the economic center of China CShanghai City once again, and changed its name into Shanghai Zhengyu Special Alloys Corporation limited.In 2006, Shanghai Zhengyu Special Alloys Co.,ltd bought out the Yangzhou Bright Rare Metal Co.,ltd.

Since 1992, the company has produced and supplied the Strontium Metal and Aluminum Master Alloys for almost 13 years. With the advanced technology, sound reputation and global markets, the company has achieved great success. In 1995, the company obtained "National New Product Award" for the product of Strontium Metal in China. In 1996, the company obtained "The Science & Technology Achievement Second Award" for the product of Aluminum Strontium Alloy in Hubei province. In Dec.2003, the product Aluminum Titanium Carbon applied the "National Monopoly". Furthermore, the manufacturing plants were registered to ISO9001: 2000.

The companys staff is highly professional, well educated, diligent and full of vigor. The company believes in sincerity and upholds the principle of equality and mutual benefits. It services hundreds of clients both in China and other countries and regions; most of them are long-term and stable partners.

Facing to the challenge in the new century, with the clients foremost in its mind, we will do our utmost to innovate our technology and products, and provide the best service to our customers.

Also, we warmly welcome all customers from home and abroad to come our site to visit, invest and trade.


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