packaging/p acking for:Food: Olive oil, VEGETABLES, GRAINS, NUTS & SEEDS, SUGARS,Fruits, Alcoholic drinks,Beef,Biscuits,Bread,Butter and margarine,Cakes,Candy,Carbonated drinks,Cereals,Cheese,Chicken,Condiments,Cookies,Crackers,Cream,Desserts, misc.,Diet foods,Drink mixes,Drinks, misc. Duck,Eggs, Entres,Fast foods,Fats and oils,Fish and seafood,Flour,Fowl, misc.,Frozen dinners, Fruit,Grains,Herbs and spices,Hot drinks,Ice cream, etc.Icings,Jellies, jams, etc.,Juices ,Lamb,Lunch meats,Meats, misc.,Medicinal,Milk,Milk drinks,Miscellaneous,Muffins,Nuts and seeds,Pancakes, etc.,Pasta,Pastrie,Pies,Pizza, Pork,Puddings, Rice and rice dishes, Rolls and buns,Salad dressings,Salads,Sandwiches,Sauces and gravies,Sausage,Snack foods,Souffls,Soups,Spreads, misc.Stuffings,Sugar and syrups,Toppings,Turkey,Veal,Vegetables,Yogurt

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