1. High Efficiency: adopt the one-sided scan technology, high speed (Single scan time less than 5s)

2. High Accuracy: use the unique calibration technique can get high measure accuracy to ensure the precision of the overall combination.

3. High Resolution: high-performance measurement camera can get higher density cloud point data at one time, so that the scanned details are clearly visible.

4. Maintenance Free: the lifetime of the lamp which is in the projection module is 20,000 hours, normally, the scanner can be used for many years.


Technical Specification:

Model Type: Shining3d XL3DS-VM

Measuring Area by single Scan (mm): 300×250-100×75

Feature Accuracy (mm): 0.02-0.01

Resolution (mm): 0.2-0.08;

Scannable Object Size: <1500mm

Scanning Type: Non-Contact, white light (Without Laser);

Digitization: 1280*1024/1.3 mega pixels;

Data Interface: ASC, STL;

Acquisition Time: <5S;

Align Type: Auto Align.

Features: Switch back and forth between the scanning range, without re-calibration

Working Environment: Under any light condition

USB: 2.0 (at least three interface)

PC System: Window XP, 32 bits


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