At the moment we are exporting all kind of COTTON WORKING GLOVES, NYLON GLOVES and P. V. C GLOVES in different color, sizes and weightys. we are in Export Business for very long Term. We Manufacture and Export Following Products: 1Working Glove: Knitted glove | Terry glove | High temperature-resisting,cut-resisting,wear-resisting glove | Pvc dotting glove | Gardening glove | Cloth gloves | Live Wire Operation Gloves | Rubber glove | Industrial Rubber Gloves | Latex-finger glove and Latex-toe glove | Sanitarian Gloves & Socks |Working Leather Gloves (Cow Split Gloves | Cow Grain Gloves | Driver Gloves | Welding Gloves | Furniture Gloves) 2Fashion Glove: Magice glove | Chenille gloves | Acrylic gloves ( Woolen glovescCashmere gloves | Fur glove )| Magic latex glove | Feather glove | Acrylic glove | Rabbit hair glove | Wool glove | Knitting glove,hat and scarf | Super fibre glove Leather glove 3Sport Glove: Skate glove 4Household Glove: Household glove | Home microware oven glove | Home bath glove 5Surgical Glove: Medical glove In all above kinds of Gloves we have a lot of Verities, Gloves weight, Color can be change according to Customer demand. Thanks in advance that we remain. Looking forward to hear you soon. Best Regards Andy lou Magwin crafts This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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