ing Co.,Ltd is the best manufacturer, supplier & exporter in china.
More than 10 years experiences, specialized in manufacturing various gland packings, metallic gaskets,non-metallic gaskets, gasket
materials,and other seals.
The company has been found and conformed according to ISO 9001,with good credit standing.
As a professional manufacturer and exporter, we can offer you a widely range of sealing raw materials and products, swift computerized quotation, ample finished goods inventory, and efficient customer service .
Our main products :
Gland packing : Expanded graphite packing,graphite packing with corrosion inhibitor,graphite packing reinforced with nickel wire,graphite packing with PTFE impregnation,die-formed graphite ring,graphite ring with corrosion inhibitor,carbon fiber packing,carbonized fiber packing,carbonized fiber packing reinforced with nickel wire,aramid fiber packing,white PTFE packing with aramid corners,white PTFE & aramid in zebra braided packing,pure PTFE packing(with oil),sintered PTFE packing,graphited PTFE packing,sintered grapihted PTFE packing,ramie fiber packing,ramie packing with graphite & oil impregnation,cotton fiber packing,asbestos packing,fiberglass packing,ceramic packing.They are used in the pumps and valves.
Seal Gaskets : spiral wound gasket,metal jacketed gasket,double jacketed gasket,metal eyeleted flat gasket,graphite gasket,asbestos gasket,ring joint gasket,cylinder gasket,PTFE envelope gasket,corrugated metal gasket,serrated gasket,PTFE gasket,non-asbestos gasket,o-ring gasket,made with the international standard.
Gasket materials : graphite sheet,non-asbestos sheet,asbestos sheet,mica sheet,PTFE sheet,rubber sheet,asbestos-rubber sheet,oil-resisting asbestos-rubber sheet,ceramic fiber sheet,expanded graphite sheet/roll,graphite sheet reinforced with smooth metal(SS304&SS316),graphite sheet reinforced with tanged SS316.
Tools & machines : packing tools,small/middle winding machines

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