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Sonepar Deutschland/Region West GmbH

The central office of Sonepar Deutschland/Region West GmbH which is one of the largest companies in Germany (Deutschland) is located in Holzwicke.

Name:Sonepar Deutschland/Region West GmbH
Street:Postfach 12 43
City:59435 Holzwicke
Country:Germany (Deutschland)
Phone:+49 2301 2 98 0
Fax:+49 2301 2 98 298
Managers:Geschäftsführung:Frank H. Lakerveld
Geschäftsführung: Ernst von Bismarck
Geschäftsführung: Holger Heckle
32.1Manufacture of electronic valves and tubes and other electronic components
Annual sales:Between 200 and 300 M Euro
Number of employees:Between 600 and 700
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