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Närpiön Kaupunki

Närpiön Kaupunki belongs to the important enterprises in Finland (Suomi). The head office of Närpiön Kaupunki is in Närpiö in Finland (Suomi).

Name:Närpiön Kaupunki (Map below)
Street:Kirkkotie 2
City:64200 Närpiö
Country:Finland (Suomi)
Phone:+358 6 2249111
Fax:+358 6 2241285
55.0: Hotels and restaurants
49.1: transport via railways
49.5: Transport via pipelines
50.0: Water transport
52.0: Supporting and auxiliary transport activities/ activities of travel agencies
Annual sales:Between 10 and 20 M Euro
Number of employees:Between 200 and 300
 ( is not affiliated with Närpiön Kaupunki).