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Vest-Wood A/S

Vest-Wood A/S belongs to the important companies in Denmark (Danmark). The central office of Vest-Wood A/S is located in Logstor (Løgstør) in Denmark (Danmark).

Name:Vest-Wood A/S (Map below)
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Street:Danmarksvej 9
City:9670 Løgstør
Country:Denmark (Danmark)
Phone:+45 966 62200
Fax:+45 966 62222
Managers:CEO: Asbjørn Berge
Group Director, Units in Denmark and Sweden : Christian Frisk
Group Director, Purchasing: Jens Andersen
Group Director, Business Development : Jens B. Mortensen
Chief Financial Officer : Ole Madsen
Group IT manager : Kim Nørgaard Jensen
64.2: Investment trust activities
Annual sales:Between 400 and 500 M Euro
Number of employees:Between 2,000 and 3,000
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