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3M France S.A.S.

3M France S.A.S. was one of the important firms in France (France). The main office of 3M France S.A.S. you could find in Cergy Pontoise in France (France).
This record is archived and is no longer updated.

Name:3M France S.A.S. (Map below)
Street:Boulevard De L'Oise
City:95006 Cergy Pontoise Cedex
Country:France (France)
Managers:CEO: Stig Eriksson
Dirigeant : Joann Fernandez
65: Financial intermediation, except insurance and pension funding
74.15: Beteiligungsgesellschaften mit Schwerpunkt im Produzierenden Gewerbe
Assets:Between 700 and 800 M Euro
Number of employees:Between 500 and 600
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