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AarhusKarlshamn AB

AarhusKarlshamn AB is among the important Swedish firms in Sweden (Sweden). The main office of AarhusKarlshamn AB you can find in Malmoe (Malmö) in Sweden (Sweden).

Name:AarhusKarlshamn AB (Map below)
(provided by the company)
At AAK, we are experts in plant-based oils and fats. We collaborate with you in an innovative and sustainable way to come up with the optimal solution.
Street:Skrivaregatan 9 5tr
City:215 32 Malmö
Country:Sweden (Sweden)
Phone:+46 406278300
Fax:+46 406278311
    CEO:Georg Brunstam (Chairman of the board)
    xx.x: Scientific research and development
    72.0: Research and development
    35.2: Manufacture of gas/ distribution of gaseous fuels through mains
    Annual sales:Between 2,000 and 3,000 M Euro
    Number of employees:Between 3,000 and 4,000
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