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CJSC "Rybinsk Joint-Stock Milk Plant"

CJSC "Rybinsk Joint-Stock Milk Plant" is among the important firms in Russia. The central office of CJSC "Rybinsk Joint-Stock Milk Plant" you can find in Rybinsk in Russia.

Name:CJSC "Rybinsk Joint-Stock Milk Plant" (Map below)
Street:1 Kashirskaya St
City:152920 Rybinsk Yaroslavl Region
Phone:+7 855 55-3336
Fax:+7 855 55-2658
CEO:Director: Mikhail Laska
01.21Farming of cattle, dairy farming
15Manufacture of food products and beverages
15.5Manufacture of dairy products
15.9Manufacture of beverages
51.33Wholesale of dairy produce, eggs and edible oils and fats
73Research and development
Annual sales:Between 1 and 10 M Euro
Number of employees:Between 400 and 500
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