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Ticona GmbH

Ticona GmbH belongs to the biggest German firms in Germany (Deutschland). The head office of Ticona GmbH you can find in Kelsterbach in Germany (Deutschland).

Name:Ticona GmbH (Map below)
City:65451 Kelsterbach Hessen
Country:Germany (Deutschland)
Phone:0049/61077720,+49 (6107) 77 20
Fax:+49 (6107) 18 37
Managers:Geschäftsführer: Klaus Goertz
Geschäftsführer: Thomas L. Hensel
C: Manufacturer
20.17: Manufacture of synthetic rubber in primary forms
22.0: Manufacture of rubber and plastic products
22.19: Manufacture of other rubber products
Annual sales:Between 400 and 500 M Euro
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