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Penny Market s.r.o.

The head office of Penny Market s.r.o. which is among the biggest companies in Czech Republic you can find in Jirny.

Name:Penny Market s.r.o.
Name2:(Rewe CR)
(provided by the company)
Billa was one of the first west European stores in the country. Even after having been taken over by Rewe, the Austrian owners have continued to run the 73 supermarkets independently.
Rewe brought its discounter Penny into the country in 1997, there are now 142 stores.
Street:Jirny 353
City:250 90 Jirny
Country:Czech Republic
Phone:+420 281018111
Fax:+420 281018301
Managers:Klaus Schneider/Managing Director
52Retail trade, except of motor vehicles and motorcycles/ repair of personal and household goods
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