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DSM Resins International BV

DSM Resins International BV belongs to the biggest Dutch firms in Netherlands (Holland). The head office of DSM Resins International BV is located in Hoek Van in Netherlands (Holland).

Name:DSM Resins International BV (Map below)
Street:Flachthuiwaj 30
City:3151 XN Hoek Van
Country:Netherlands (Holland)
Phone:+31 (174) 31 55 55
Fax:+31 (174) 31 55 15
    Managers:CEO: Peter A.F.W. Elverding
    Voorzitter Raad van Bestuur: John McLaren
    Vice President Corporate Communications: Jan Zuidam
    Plaatsvervangend Voorzitter Raad van Bestuur: Jan G. Dopper
    Lid Raad van Bestuur: Henk van Dalen
    Lid Raad van Bestuur: Feike Sijbesma
    C: Manufacturer
    20.0: Manufacture of chemicals and chemical products
    Annual sales:Between 50 and 60 M Euro
    Number of employees:Between 200 and 300
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