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Gyllensvaans Möbler AB

Gyllensvaans Möbler AB belongs to the largest enterprises in Sweden (Sweden). The main office of Gyllensvaans Möbler AB is in Kaettilstorp (Kättilstorp) in Sweden (Sweden).

Name:Gyllensvaans Möbler AB (Map below)
Street:Storgatan 6
City:521 95 Kättilstorp
Country:Sweden (Sweden)
Phone:+46 515 86400
Fax:+46 515 86421
Managers:Chairman of the board: Mats Gyllensvaan
MD: Eric Gyllensvaan
00.11: Manufacturer
16.1: Sawmilling and planing of wood, impregnation of wood
16.21: Manufacture of veneer sheets, plywood and laminboard
16.22: Manufacture of prefabricated wooden buildings
16.29: Manufacture of other products of wood
33.2: Manufacture of office machinery and computers
31.0: Herstellung von Polstermöbeln
46.4: Wholesale of household goods
Annual sales:Between 100 and 200 M Euro
Number of employees:Between 600 and 700
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