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Concept! AG

Concept! AG belongs to the largest Austrian firms in Austria (Österreich). The main office of Concept! AG you can find in Wiesbaden in Austria (Österreich).

Name:Concept! AG (Map below)
Street:Bodenstedtstraße 4
City:6518 Wiesbaden
Country:Austria (Österreich)
Phone:+43 [49]0611 97628-0
Fax:+43 [49]0611 97628-199
    C: Manufacturer
    18.0: Publishing, printing and reproduction of recorded media
    26.2: Manufacture of computers and other information processing equipment
    K: Technical and financial services
    66.1: Activities auxiliary to financial intermediation, except insurance and pension funding
    72.0: Research and development
    Annual sales:Between 20 and 30 M Euro
    Number of employees:Between 300 and 400
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