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  The Top100 with activities as described by NACE code 51--- (Wholesale trade and commission trade, except of motor vehicles and motorcycles)

    The Top100 Companies in Belgium

The 100 best Companies in Belgium (Highest annual sales) with activities described by NACE code 51--- (Wholesale trade and commission trade, except of motor vehicles and motorcycles).
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The data are an extract direct from our database with the biggest companies in Europe.
Some typical actvities or products: (Listed companies have at least one of these)
beer, beverage, building material, food, household goods, importer, Negoce International, timber, tobacco, trade
The 100 largest Companies in this Industry  
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NACE Description:  Wholesale trade and commission trade, except of motor vehicles and motorcycles
Rank      Company, City of Head Office (Country) 

I.T.M. - International Trade of Metals S.A in Bruxelles 
Glaverbel SA in Bruxelles 
Kuwait Petroleum (Belgium) N.V./S.A. in Antwerpen 
Bristol Myers Squibb Belgique SA in Waterloo 
Astrazeneca NV/SA in Bruxelles 
Belgian Shell S.A in Bruxelles 
12 Makro-Zelfbedieningsgroothandel (M.C.W.) in Antwerpen 
13 Sony Services Center (Europe) NV in Londerzeel 
14 Pioneer Europe NV in Melsele 
15 Belgomine NV in Sint-Niklaas 
17 Asea Brown Boveri NV in Zaventem 
18 Societe Europeenne de Carburants (Seca) SA-NV in Vilvoorde 
20 BP Chembel NV in Geel 
21 Maison Mathieu F in Antwerpen 
22 PCB (Pharmaceutical Group) SA in Bruxelles 
23 Brantano NV in Erembodegem 
25 H&M Hennes & Mauritz NV/SA in Bruxelles 
26 AstraZeneca Belgium in Destelbergen 
28 Spadel SA in Bruxelles 
30 Sony Belgium SA-NV in Bruxelles 
31 Barlo Plastics Europe NV in Geel 
32 SCA Hygiene Products S. A./N. V. in Kraainem 
33 Aventis Pharma SA/NV in Bruxelles 
34 Omega Pharma NV in Nazareth 
36 Janssen-Cilag N.V in Antwerpen 
37 Pauwels International N.V. in Mechelen 
38 Brenntag NV in Deerlijk 
39 Barco Graphics NV in Gent 
40 Ineos NV in Zwijndrecht 
41 Intel Benelux BV in Kontich 
42 Getronics Belgium SA in Zellik 
43 Cisco Systems Belgium Sprl/Bvba in Diegem 
44 Ericsson NV/SA in Bruxelles 
45 Disteel SA/NV in Machelen 
46 Caldic Belgium NV in Hemiksem 
49 Delfood SA in Montignies-sur-Sambre 
50 AHP Pharma SA in Louvain-la-Neuve 
51 Océ-Belgium SA/NV in Bruxelles 
52 Mccain Foods Belgium SA in Grobbendonk 
53 Cras Groep NV in Waregem 
54 Luyben S.A in Bruxelles 
55 Zetes Industries SA in Bruxelles 
56 Ericsson SA in Bruxelles 
57 Grepapier NV in Aalter 
59 Totalfinaelf Belgium SA/NV in Bruxelles 
60 Morubel NV in Oostende 
62 Rheinbraun Benelux NV in Lokoren 
63 Sambria SC SA in Marcinelle 
64 Europhos SA in Engis 
65 Labor SA in Bruxelles 
67 Locks NV in Kent 
68 A & J J Gilleman NV in Ronse 
69 Aventis Pasteur MSD SA in Bruxelles 
70 Locachim NV in Gent 
71 Les Aciers Fins de la Sarre SA/NV in Liège 
72 C.P. Bourg sa/nv in Ottignies 
73 Calpam Belgium SA in Bruxelles 
75 Oilchart International NV in Antwerpen 
77 Zumtobel Staff Benelux NV in Puurs 
78 S.A. Carlsberg Importers N.V. in Ternat 
79 Legrand Belgique-België SA-NV in Diegem 
80 NV Xerox SA in Zaventem 
81 ABCD CV in Groot-Bijgaarden 
82 A. JONCKERS N.V in Bruxelles 
83 Europetfood NV in Antwerpen 
84 Hottlet Frozen Foods NV in Kontich 
85 van Pelt Bouwmaterialen NV in Schoten 
86 Boermans NV in Hasselt 
87 Agrofino Products NV in Arendonk 
88 Alphamin SA in Wavre 
90 Bomaco NV in Zellik 
92 Belgafuel NV in 's Gravenwezel 
95 TDS Acior SA in Liège 
98 Claessen NV in Antwerpen 
99 Prodata Systems NV in Zaventem 
Minimum annual sales necessary to enter this table: 22 Million Euro
The NACE code created by the European Community is very popular in Europe and defines codes for the activities of a company. A complete overview of our company address lists for special activities (industries) you will find in our download area. If you need more information about these companies send your enquiry to
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