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The Top500-Lexicon

The lexicon of the top500 ( The Encyclopedia for Classification Codes ) explains the codes and definitions in the world of economical classifications.

ISIC Code 0113 Growing of fruit, nuts, beverage and spice crops

The ISIC Code 0113 is described as
Growing of fruit, nuts, beverage and spice crops

This class includes:
· growing of fruit: apples, pears, citrus fruit, apricots, strawberries, berries, cherries, peaches, bananas, avocados, guava, dates etc.
· growing of wine grapes and table grapes
· production of wine from self-produced grapes (included by exception)
· growing of edible nuts, including coconuts
· growing of beverage crops such as coffee, cocoa, tea, maté
· growing of spice crops such as:
· seeds: anise, coriander, cumin
· leaves: bay, basil, thyme
· flowers: cinnamon
· fruit: cloves
· other spices: ginger, nutmeg
· growing of olives

This class also includes:
· gathering of berries or nuts
This class excludes:
· growing of peanuts, see 0111
· growing of hop cones, see 0111
· growing of fruit bearing vegetables, e.g. tomatoes, melons, cucumbers etc., see 0112
· growing of fresh "peppers", parsley and tarragon, see 0112
· production of olive oil, see 1514
· manufacture of cocoa, see 1543
· processing of tea leaves and coffee, see 1549
· production of wines other than from self-produced grapes, see 1552

It belongs to the code group
ISIC Code 011 Growing of crops; market gardening; horticulture

To this Code "0113" belongs the sub codes
(No direct sub codes available)

The equivalent NACE Code (Rev. 1.1) is
01.13: Dauerkulturbau - Dauerkulturbau
01.13: Growing of fruit, nuts, beverage and spice crops - Growing of fruit, nuts, beverage and spice crops
01.13: Culture de fruits, de fruits à coques, de plantes pour boissons et pour épices
01.13: Coltivazione di frutta, frutta a guscio, prodotti destinati alla preparazione di bevande e spezie
01.13: Cultivo de frutas, frutos secos, especias y cultivos para bebidas
01.13: Teelt van fruit, noten, specerijgewassen en gewassen bestemd voor de vervaardiging van dranken
01.13: Dyrkning af frugt og bær

The equivalent NAICS Code (Rev. 2002) is
111310: Orange Groves

The equivalent CPC Code (Rev. 1.1) is
xxxx: No Code defined

Translation of the Code description
0113: Growing of fruit, nuts, beverage and spice crops
  Culture de fruits, de fruits à coque, de plantes pour boissons et pour épices

Alternative Spellings (synonyms): Fruit, Fruits, Nut, Crop
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