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The Top500-Lexicon

The lexicon of the top500 ( The Encyclopedia for Classification Codes ) explains the codes and definitions in the world of economical classifications.

ISIC Code 0140 Agricultural and animal husbandry service activities, except veterinary activities

The ISIC Code 0140 is described as
Agricultural and animal husbandry service activities, except veterinary activities

This class includes:
· agricultural activities on a fee or contract basis (except veterinary activities):
· farm operation
· preparation of fields
· establishing a crop
· treatment of crops
· crop spraying, including by air
· trimming of fruit trees and vines
· transplanting of rice, thinning of beets
· harvesting and preparation of crops for primary markets, i.e. cleaning, trimming, grading, disinfecting, wax covering, polishing, wrapping, decorticating, retting, cooling or bulk packaging including packing in oxygen-free gases
· cotton ginning
· activities to promote propagation, growth and output of animals
· herd testing services, droving services, agistment services, poultry caponizing, coop cleaning etc.
· activities related to artificial insemination
· sheep shearing
· farm animal boarding and care
· pest control (including rabbits) in connection with agriculture
· operation of irrigation systems
· landscape gardening for constructing, maintaining and redesigning landscapes such as:
· parks and gardens for
· private and public housing
· public and semi-public buildings (schools, hospitals, administrative buildings, church buildings etc.)
· municipal grounds (parks, green areas, cemeteries etc.)
· highway greenery (roads, train lines and tramlines, waterways, ports)
· industrial and commercial buildings
· greenery for buildings (roof gardens, facade greenery, indoor gardens)
· sports grounds, play grounds and other recreational parks (sports grounds, play grounds, lawns for sunbathing, golf courses)
· stationary and flowing water (basins, alternating wet areas, ponds, swimming pools, ditches, watercourses, plant sewage systems)
· plantings and landscaping for protection against noise, wind, erosion, visibility and dazzling
· landscaping measures for protecting the environment and nature as well as landscape maintenance (renaturalization, recultivation, melioration, retention areas, anti-flooding basins etc.)
· arboriculture and tree surgery, including tree pruning and hedge trimming, replanting of big trees

This class also includes:
· provision of agricultural machinery with operators and crew
This class excludes:
· provision of feed lot services, see 0121, 0122
· service activities to promote commercial hunting and trapping, see 0150
· preparation of vegetable fibres for textile use, see 1711
· marketing activities of commission merchants and cooperative associations, see division 51
· activities of agronomists and agricultural economists, see 7414
· landscape architecture, see 7421
· organization of agricultural shows and fairs, see 7499
· veterinary activities, see 8520
· pet boarding, see 9309

It belongs to the code group
ISIC Code 014 Agricultural and animal husbandry service activities, except veterinary activities

To this Code "0140" belongs the sub codes
(No direct sub codes available)

The equivalent NACE Code (Rev. 1.1) is
01.41: Erbringung von landwirtschaftlichen Dienstleistungen für den Pflanzenbau sowie von gärtnerischen Dienstleistungen - Erbringung von landwirtschaftlichen Dienstleistungen im Pflanzenbau
01.41: Agricultural service activities; landscape gardening - Agricultural service activities
01.41: Activités des services annexes à la culture
01.41: Attività dei servizi connessi all'agricoltura
01.41: Actividades de servicios relacionados con la agricultura
01.41: Diensten in verband met de landbouw
01.41: Servicevirksomhed i forbindelse med agerbrug

The equivalent NAICS Code (Rev. 2002) is
115111: Cotton Ginning

The equivalent CPC Code (Rev. 1.1) is
xxxx: No Code defined

Translation of the Code description
0140: Agricultural and animal husbandry service activities, except veterinary activities
  Activités annexes à la culture et à l'élevage, sauf activités vétérinaires

Alternative Spellings (synonyms): Service, Services
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