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NACE Code 22 Publishing, printing and reproduction of recorded media

The NACE Code 22 is described as
Publishing, printing and reproduction of recorded media

In general, the units, which are known as publishers, issue copies of works for which they usually possess copyright. Works may be in one or more formats including traditional print form, audio tape, CD-ROM or on-line. Publishers may publish works originally created by others for which they have obtained the rights and/or works that they have created in-house.
The printing activities print products, such as newspapers, books, periodicals, business forms, greeting cards, and other materials, and perform support activities, such as bookbinding, platemaking services, and data imaging. The support activities included here are an integral part of the printing industry, and a product (a printing plate, a bound book or a computer disk or file) that is an integral part of the printing industry is almost always provided by these operations.
Processes used in printing include a variety of methods used to transfer an image from a plate, screen, or computer file to some medium, such as paper, plastics, metal, textile articles, or wood. The most prominent of these methods is to transfer the image from a plate or screen to the medium (lithographic, gravure, screen, and flexographic printing). A rapidly growing new technology uses a computer file to directly ''drive'' the printing mechanism to create the image and new electrostatic and other types of equipment (digital or non-impact printing).
Though printing and publishing are often carried out by the same unit (e.g. a newspaper), it is less and less the case that these distinct activities are carried out in the same unit.
This division includes publishing of newspapers, magazines, other periodicals and books.
This division excludes publishing of software, see 72.21.
On-line publishing, not in connection with other publishing, is in 72.40.

It belongs to the code group
NACE Code D Manufacturing

To this Code "22" belongs the sub codes
  • NACE Code 22.1: Publishing
  • NACE Code 22.2: Printing and service activities related to printing
  • NACE Code 22.3: Reproduction of recorded media

The equivalent ISIC Code (Rev. 3.1) is
22: Publishing, printing and reproduction of recorded media
  Édition, imprimerie et reproduction de supports enregistrÉs

The equivalent NAICS Code (Rev. 2002) is
323: Printing and Related Support Activities

The Nearest HS Code (Harmonized System) (Rev. 2002) is
xxxx: No Code defined

Translation of the Code description
22: Herstellung von Verlags- und Druckerzeugnissen, Vervielfältigung von bespielten Ton-, Bild- und Datenträgern - Verlagsgewerbe, Druckgewerbe, Vervielfältigung von bespielten Trägern
22: Publishing, printing and reproduction of recorded media - Publishing, printing and reproduction of recorded media
22: Edition; Imprimerie et reproduction de supports enregistrés
22: Editoria stampa e riproduzione di supporti registrati
22: Edicion, artes graficas y reproducion de soportes grabados
22: Uitgeverijen, drukkerijen en reproduktie van opgenomen media
22: Grafisk industri

Alternative Spellings (synonyms): Media, median, Medias
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