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NACE Code 27 Manufacture of basic metals

The NACE Code 27 is described as
Manufacture of basic metals

This division includes the activities of smelting and/or refining ferrous and nonferrous metals from ore, pig or scrap, using electrometallurgical and other process metallurgical techniques. The output of smelting and refining, usually in ingot form, is used in rolling, drawing, and extruding operations to make sheet, strip, bar, rod, or wire, and in molten form to make castings and other basic metal products.
This subsection also covers the manufacture of metal alloys and superalloys by introducing other chemical elements to pure metals.

It belongs to the code group
NACE Code D Manufacturing

To this Code "27" belongs the sub codes
  • NACE Code 27.1: Manufacture of basic iron and steel and of ferro-alloys
  • NACE Code 27.2: Manufacture of tubes
  • NACE Code 27.3: Other first processing of iron and steel
  • NACE Code 27.4: Manufacture of basic precious and non-ferrous metals
  • NACE Code 27.5: Casting of metals

The equivalent ISIC Code (Rev. 3.1) is
27: Manufacture of basic metals
  Fabrication de produits métallurgiques de base

The equivalent NAICS Code (Rev. 2002) is
33: Manufacturing

The Nearest HS Code (Harmonized System) (Rev. 2002) is
xxxx: No Code defined

Translation of the Code description
27: Metallerzeugung und -bearbeitung - Metallerzeugung und -bearbeitung
27: Manufacture of basic metals - Manufacture of basic metals
27: Métallurgie
27: Produzione di metalli e loro leghe
27: Metalurgia
27: Vervaardiging van metalen in primaire vorm
27: Fremstilling af metal

Alternative Spellings (synonyms): manufactur, manufacture, Basic, metal, manufactures, Basics, Metales
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