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The lexicon of the top500 ( The Encyclopedia for Classification Codes ) explains the codes and definitions in the world of economical classifications.

NACE Code 55 Hotels and restaurants

The NACE Code 55 is described as
Hotels and restaurants

The section comprises the provision to customers of lodging and/or prepared meals, snacks, and beverages for immediate consumption. The section includes both accommodation and food services because the two activities are often combined at the same unit.
There is some overlap between activities in section H, as the sale of beverages is an independent activity, yet it is at the same time part of a restaurant activity (providing meals, with drinks) and in the latter case sale of beverages is classified together with sale of meals in 55.3 (Restaurants). Similarly, a restaurant activity is a specific activity, but may also be implicitly included in lodging.
Lodging units provide lodging or short-term accommodations for travellers, vacationers and others.
There is a wide range of units. Some provide lodging only; while others provide meals and recreational facilities, as well as lodging. The type of complementary services provided may vary from unit to unit.
Restaurant activities provide complete meals fit for immediate consumption, wheter traditional restaurants, self-service or take-away restaurants as well as permanent or temporary fish and chips stands and the like with or without seating. Decisive is the fact that meals fit for immediate consumption are offered, not the kind of facility providing them.
Excluded is the production of meals not fit for immediate consumption or not planned to be consumed immediately or of prepared food which is not considered to be a meal (see 15: Manufacture of food products and beverages). Also excluded is the sale of not self-manufactured food which is not considered to be a meal or of meals which are not fit for immediate consumption (see section G: Wholesale and retail trade; ...).

It belongs to the code group
NACE Code H Hotels and restaurants

To this Code "55" belongs the sub codes
  • NACE Code 55.1: Hotels
  • NACE Code 55.2: Camping sites and other provision of short-stay accommodation
  • NACE Code 55.3: Restaurants
  • NACE Code 55.4: Bars
  • NACE Code 55.5: Canteens and catering

The equivalent ISIC Code (Rev. 3.1) is
55: Hotels and restaurants
  Hotels et restaurants

The equivalent NAICS Code (Rev. 2002) is
72: Accommodation and Food Services

The Nearest HS Code (Harmonized System) (Rev. 2002) is
xxxx: No Code defined

Translation of the Code description
55: Beherbergungs- und Gaststätten - Gastgewerbe
55: Hotels and restaurants - Hotels and restaurants
55: Hôtels et restaurants
55: Alberghi e ristoranti
55: Hosteleria
55: Hotels en restaurants
55: Hotel- og restaurationsvirksomhed

Alternative Spellings (synonyms): Restaurant, Hotel, Restaurants
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