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The Top500-Lexicon

The lexicon of the top500 ( The Encyclopedia for Classification Codes ) explains the codes and definitions in the world of economical classifications.

NACE Code C Mining and quarrying

The NACE Code C is described as
Mining and quarrying

Mining and quarrying include the extraction of minerals occurring naturally as solids (coal and ores), liquids (petroleum) or gases (natural gas). Extraction can be by underground or surface mining or well operation.
This section includes supplementary operations needed to transport and market the mineral products, e.g. crushing, grinding, cleaning, drying, sorting, concentrating ores, liquefaction of natural gas and agglomeration of solid fuels. These operations are often accomplished by the units which extracted the resource and/or others located nearby.
Mining activities are classified into divisions, groups and classes on the basis of the principal mineral produced. Sub-section CA is concerned with mining and quarrying of energy producing materials (coal, lignite and peat, hydrocarbons, uranium ore); subsection CB concerns non-energy producing materials (metal ores, various minerals and quarry products).
Some of the technical operations of this section, particularly concerning the extraction of hydrocarbons, may also be done for third parties by specialized units as an industrial service.
This section also includes:
· agglomeration of coals and ores.
This section excludes:
· processing of the extracted materials (see section D)
· production of natural spring and mineral waters at springs and wells, see 15.98
· crushing, grinding or otherwise treating certain earths, rocks and minerals not carried on in conjunction with mining and quarrying, see 26.81, 26.82
· collection, purification and distribution of water, see 41.00
· site preparation for mining, see 45.11
· mineral prospecting, see 74.20

It belongs to the code group
NACE code

To this Code "C" belongs the sub codes
  • NACE Code CA: Mining and quarrying of energy producing materials
  • NACE Code 10: Mining of coal and lignite; extraction of peat
  • NACE Code 11: Extraction of crude petroleum and natural gas; service activities incidental to oil and gas extraction, excluding surveying
  • NACE Code 12: Mining of uranium and thorium ores
  • NACE Code CB: Mining and quarrying, except of energy producing materials
  • NACE Code 13: Mining of metal ores
  • NACE Code 14: Other mining and quarrying

The equivalent ISIC Code (Rev. 3.1) is
C: Mining and quarrying
  Activités extractives

The equivalent NAICS Code (Rev. 2002) is
21: Mining

The Nearest HS Code (Harmonized System) (Rev. 2002) is
xxxx: No Code defined

Translation of the Code description
C: Bergbau und Gewinnung von Steinen und Erden
C: Mining and quarrying

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