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The Top500-Lexicon

The lexicon of the top500 ( The Encyclopedia for Classification Codes ) explains the codes and definitions in the world of economical classifications.

NAICS Code 334112 Computer Storage Device Manufacturing

The NAICS Code 334112 is described as
Computer Storage Device Manufacturing
  • CD-ROM drives manufacturing
  • Computer Storage Device Manufacturing
  • Direct access storage devices manufacturing
  • Disk drives, computer, manufacturing
  • DVD (digital video disc) drives, computer peripheral equipment, manufacturing
  • Flexible (i.e., floppy) magnetic disk drives manufacturing
  • Floppy disk drives manufacturing
  • Hard disk drives manufacturing
  • Magnetic/optical combination storage units for computers manufacturing
  • Optical disk drives manufacturing
  • Storage devices, computer, manufacturing
  • Tape storage units (e.g., drive backups), computer peripheral equipment, manufacturing

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing computer storage devices that allow the storage and retrieval of data from a phase change, magnetic, optical, or magnetic/optical media. Examples of products made by these establishments are CD-ROM drives, floppy disk drives, hard disk drives, and tape storage and backup units.

Establishments primarily engaged in-
· Manufacturing blank magnetic and optical recording media-are classified in U.S. Industry 334613, Magnetic and Optical Recording Media Manufacturing;
· Manufacturing semiconductor storage devices, such as memory chips,-are classified in U.S. Industry 334413, Semiconductor and Related Device Manufacturing;
· Manufacturing drive controller cards, internal or external to the storage device-are classified in U.S. Industry 334418, Printed Circuit Assembly (Electronic Assembly) Manufacturing; and
· Manufacturing other parts, such as casings, stampings, cable sets, and switches, for computer storage devices,-are classified in the Manufacturing sector based on their associated production processes.


It belongs to the code group
NAICS Code 33411 Computer and Peripheral Equipment Manufacturing

To this Code "334112" belongs the sub codes
(No direct sub codes available)

The equivalent ISIC Code (Rev. 3.1) is
3000: Manufacture of office, accounting and computing machinery
  Fabrication de machines de bureau, de machines comptables et de matériel de trait

The nearest NACE Code (Rev. 1.1) is
30.01: Herstellung von Büromaschinen - Herstellung von Büromaschinen
30.01: Manufacture of office machinery - Manufacture of office machinery
30.01: Fabrication de machines de bureau
30.01: Fabbricazione di macchine per ufficio
30.01: Fabricacion de maquinas de oficina
30.01: Vervaardiging van kantoormachines
30.01: Fremstilling af kontormaskiner

The equivalent CPC Code (Rev. 1.1) is
xxxx: No Code defined

Translation of the Code description
334112: Computer Storage Device Manufacturing

Alternative Spellings (synonyms): Manufactoring, Computers, devices, Manufaktur
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