The largest Cities in Europe ranked by their company's total sale

We do not rank the cities in Europe by their inhabitants. We counted the total sales of all big companies in each European city and published here a very unique ranking of the largest cities in Europe. The deadline for this ranking was 2007-05-01.

In a similar ranking, where we sorted all cities by the number of their big companies we created also the equivalence of this page.
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Pos. Last P. City No Co. Total Sales  
6002(6015)St Etienne Du Gres (France)1261
6003(6016)Geilenkirchen (Germany)15260
6004(6017)Anzola dell'Emilia (Italy)10260
6005(6018)Fiorenzuola D'Arda (Italy)10260
6006(6019)Pyhäntä, Pyhaentae (Finland)6260
6007(6020)Benešov, Benesov (Czech Republic)5260
6008(6021)Tønder, Toender, Tondern (Denmark)5260
6009(6022)Hampen (Denmark)4260
6010(6023)Carrières-sous-Poissy, Carrieres-sous-Poissy (France)1260
6011(6024)L'Hospitalet (Spain)1260
6012(6025)Preddvor (Slovenia)1260
6013(6026)Rafelbuñol, Rafelbunol (Spain)1260
6014(6027)Trazegnies (Belgium)1260
6015(6028)Arnas (France)10259
6016(6029)Bra (Italy)8259
6017(6030)Westerkappeln (Germany)8259
6019(6032)Zwijnaarde (Belgium)5259
6020(6033)Azuqueca de Henares (Spain)4259
6021(6034)Aubieres (France)1259
6022(6035)Pszczyna (Poland)1259
6023(6036)Ronneby (Sweden)19258
6024(6037)Olofström, Olofstroem (Sweden)13258
6025(6038)Wittstock (Germany)8258
6026(6039)Castelnaudary (France)7258
6027(6040)Großenhain, Grossenhain (Germany)7258
6028(6041)Hainburg (Germany)6258
6029(6042)Southsea (United Kingdom)6258
6030(6043)Morayshire (United Kingdom)5258
6031(6044)Köniz, Koeniz (Switzerland)4258
6032(6045)Malung (Sweden)4258
6033(6046)Bouzonville (France)3258
6034(6047)Casavatore (Italy)3258
6035(6048)Finnair (Finland)2258
6036(6049)Sestao - Bizkaia (Spain)1258
6037(6050)Survilliers (France)1258
6038(6051)Caluire Et Cuire (France)10257
6039(6052)Marke (Belgium)5257
6040(6053)Radcliffe (United Kingdom)3257
6041(6054)Dole (France)10256
6042(6055)Flint (United Kingdom)8256
6043(6056)Santa Iria De Azoia (Portugal)6256
6044(6057)Auerbach i.d.OPf. (Germany)5256
6045(6058)Markgröningen, Markgroeningen (Germany)4256
6046(6059)Aosta (Italy)3256
6047(6060)Lubartow (Poland)3256
6048(6061)Dobrovice (Czech Republic)1256
6049(6062)Rocquancourt (France)1256
6050(6063)Wevelgem (Belgium)15255

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Remarks: (more ...)
We list all important cities in Europe (including Russia and Turkey).
We define the size of a city by the total sales of all its big companies.
Big companies must have at least one million Euro annual sales.
See also a similar list of cities ranked by the number of headquarters. For Questions, hints, compliments, suggestions please use the forum (English and German).

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