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The Top500 is the largest free internet listing of the best european companies.

You can place a banner on these pages to get more visitors interested in economical topics. And you can buy the complete list consisting of addresses, phone numbers and other useful information.

Prices (in € (EUR) plus VAT.)
Placement Form Pageviews Area (Pixel) *) Price/Month
Homepage Banner more than 1.000 234x60 30,--
Search result Banner more than 2.000 234x60 45,--
Top500 (all free pages. At least 200) Banner over 10.000 234x60 195,--
Description of the Web-site
Overview about the european economy. Currently on over 300 pages you will find over 10.000 entries from companies from Portugal to Russia from Norway to Greece.
Web address
concept of the content
The addresses of the Top500 european companies.
target visitor
Management executive, marketing agencies, sales departments Research departments, etc.
Online since
Name of provider
quality-Datenbank, Klaus Gebhardt e.K.
Kielmannseggstr. 34
22043 Hamburg
Tel.: +49 40 40 34 80 - Fax: +49 40 490 05 77
Minimum renting time of a banner location: 3 Months
Updating frequency
Daily (if necessary)
Measurement procedure
Hit list of the server
Agencies:  15% (ab € (EUR) 250,-- Auftragswert.)
Total billed amount above € (EUR) 250,-- 2 %
Total billed amount above € (EUR) 500,-- 3 %

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