The Top500 in Europe


The best companies in the ten main regions of Europe


Europe is growing together. Many companies are entering markets outside the national borders. To help you save time and money, our company is offering you the most important data about the best companies in Europe. For a better overview, we have divided Europe into ten (10) regions and prepared the top500 for all major countries, all regions mentioned below and combined lists of west and east Europe.

All lists (the top500, the top1000, the top2000, and the top5000) can be found in our condensed price-list

The regions are described as follows:

0 - Central: Austria (AT), Germany (D), Liechtenstein (FL), Switzerland (CH)
1 - North-West: United Kingdom (UK), Iceland (IS), Republic of Ireland (IRL)
2 - Benelux: Belgium (B), Luxemburg (L), Netherlands (NL)
3 - France: Andorra (AND), France (F), Monaco (MC)
4 - Iberia: Portugal (P), Spain (E)
5 - Mediterranian: Croatia (HR), Italy (I), Malta (MT), San Marino (RSM), Slovenia (SLO)
6 - South-East: Albania (AL), Bulgaria (BG), Cyprus (CY), Greece (GR),
Republic of Macedonia (MK), Turkey (TR)
7 - East: Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIH), Czech Republic (CZ), Estonia (EST), Hungary (H),
Latvia (LV) , Poland (PL), Lithuania (LT), Romania (RO), Slovakia (SK), Yugoslavia (YU)
8 - European GUS: Armenia (AM), Belarus (former Byelorussia) (BY),
Georgia (GE), Moldovia (MD), Russia (RU), Ukraine (UA),
9 - Scandinavia: Danmark (DK), Finland (FIN), Norway (N), Sweden (S)

The list for West Europe contains the best companies of regions 0-6 and 9.
The list for East Europe contains the best companies of regions 7 and 8.
The list of the Euro zone contains all countries , which use Euro as a currency.
For the detailed numbers of companies in the above-mentioned lists, refer here.

The companies has been listed based on the following criteria:

  • The head office is located in one of the countries of the listed region.
  • The company is in the producing or servicing industry. No holding companies or groups are listed. Also not listed are authorities or private persons.
  • The company has reached in the last year a specified output. This output for the producing, trading and servicing industry is the revenue, the minimum value of which is listed in this table
    For banks and other financial institutions, the sum of the balance sheet is thirty (30) times of this amount. For insurance companies, the minimum premium income must be four (4) times of this level .

The complete table contains information, such as:

  • Company name (*),
  • Address of the head office (Street, zip code, city and if applicable the post box (*)),
  • Phone number,
  • Fax number,
  • E-Mail address (if published) or internet address (URL) of contact form,
  • Homepage (URL)

(*) All language dependent information are given in latin characters (even for Greece and Russia). If different, the local (national) form of the information is listed. This is because the most important person who must read and understand the address is the local postman who brings your letter to the companies. For the different purposes which you may plan, we have listed every language dependent information in three (3) different formats:

  • Excel-Format, which should be correct on every Windows based PC
  • HTML-Format
  • ASCII-Format
This ASCII-format contains no national characters and should be used only if your printer does not understand the national characters of the addressed countries. The resulting addresses should always be readable but because of the replaced national characters they are looking different from the "official" addresses. For example: München is called in other countries mostly "Munich". We are listing this city as
Excel-Format: München
HTML: München
ASCII: Muenchen

The tables are based on hundreds of hours of internet researches, information from news magazines and from the companies itself.

Moreover, this table contains no ranking and is strictly in alphabetical order.

The exact number of all items in the lists are published more detailed in our list overview.

The data has been researched and checked carefully, and under no circumstances we can be made responsible for any errors which might be hidden in the data of the table.


An extract of the data (Name, URL) can be viewed over the internet for free.
However, for the complete data you will be billed depending on the size and contents starting with  € (EUR)  48,-- + VAT (top100) or about € (EUR) 0.14 per address (top10000). All lists and prices are published in our price list.
The complete table will be e-mailed to you within two (2) working days after the payment has been transferred.
For test purposes, you can download an extract of the table without a fee.

Other formats are possible, like Access, DBF, CSV, Word.

Order Handling Procedure

  • First you decide, which table(s) you are interested.
    • Define the country or region, where the companies should reside.
    • Define the size of the table (the number of addresses, you want to buy).
    • And optional for an additional fee: Define the industries in which you are interested using the popular NACE Code (German)
    • Also optional for an additional fee: Names of top management.
  • Check the example table which is available for download. Check the content, the format and if you can use it as input for further processing.
  • Then you send us E-Mail ( with our order-number, all your order information, billing address and e-mail address, where we should send the complete table.
  • We will send you a proforma-invoice by e-Mail.
  • You transfer the money
  • We send you the complete table within two (2) working days.
  • We will send you on request an invoice by conventional mail.
For further information, you can write us in English or German or you call us at telephone number +49 40/3176 1120 (German or English)
or you send us a fax: +49 40/490 05 77.
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