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You did not find a company?

This page should help you to search and find the missed companies.

At first you should try to find the company with our search function. The index is made every monday morning.

And if you still cannot find your company, it may mean
  • that we dont know the revenue of the company,
  • that the company does not produce the revenue itself,
  • that we do not know the company (then you should please send us an e-mail) or
  • that the entry level for entering the top500 list was not fulfilled by the company.
  • Maybe, you can help us to complete our database.

Do you know a company, which should be listed here?

The criteria for entering the top500-list are as follows:

  • The head office of the company is in Europe.
  • The company reached a minimum level listed here.. (Banks must reach with their aqssets 30 times the amount of this level. And insurances must reach with the whole premiums an amount of 4 times of this level)
  • The company works itself (is not a holding or group).

For entering the company we need the usual information (address, revenue, etc.) and a link or contact, where we can verify the data.

Please write to

Thank for your help!

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