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  What are these special ZIP codes?

In our city ranking we list special sub sets of the usual well know ZIP codes.
What is it all about?
A ZIP code is part of an address to route the letters and parcels to a specific address. Beside this main purpose sometimes the people try to find out what kind of area is defined by a given ZIP code. Especially when you want to know, WHO is living under this ZIP code. Examples:
  • You want to buy or rent real estate and need to know something about the neighbourhood
  • A bank needs to know, where a creditor is living
  • Is this location industrialized (noisy/smelly)?
There are only few ressources in the internet which can tell you something about the quality of a ZIP code and as far as we know, they all are charging you with fees. We can give you these information here for free. This is how we describe the ZIP codes (compare it with the example Paris):
  • We have used our huge database of all big companies in Europe which includes their ZIP codes and NACE codes.
  • We have looked for EVERY ZIP code in Europe, if there are the head offices of big companies located
  • So we have now a list of ZIP codes, where big companies, manufacturing companies and servicing companies are residing
  • If we found more than 5 companies at a specific ZIP code (or range of codes) we made them bold
  • If we found more than 20 companies at a specific ZIP code (or range of codes) we increased the font
  • If we found more than 50 companies at a specific ZIP code (or range of codes) we made them bold and increased the font
  • but if we found only one or two companies with this ZIP code, the ZIP code is probably not correct described by the activties of these companies. So we set the ZIP code in a smaller font.
  • We published these data in our list of the biggest cities in Europe.
So if you want to know something about a ZIP code, go to our city page.
There you will find the ZIP codes of this city
  • where big companies have their central office (All NACE codes)
  • where manufacturing companies have their headquarter (NACE codes from 14 to 36)
  • where servicing companies/organisations (banks, insurances, retailers, consultants, health, entertainment) are located (NACE codes from 5 to 8)
In all not listed ZIP codes we did not find any head office of a big company, so the missing ZIP code belongs most probably to a residential area.

This list was made automatically. We have not done any specific research. So there might be exceptions like
  • Industrial areas with big production plants which are only branches while the headquarter is somewhere else
  • Residential areas where the headquarter of a holding is residing in a lawyer's office.
  • Some ZIP codes of big companies are attached to the location of post office and have nothing to do with the headquarter's location.
  • Some companies have officially ZIP codes of prestigous cities (e.g. the capitol of the country) but actually are residing in a suburban area.
  • In some cities there is the same ZIP code given for an area where residential houses as well as industrial companies are located
We hope you will find these data useful. Your com(pli)ments are appreciated.
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