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The lexicon of the top500 ( The Encyclopedia for Classification Codes ) explains the codes and definitions in the world of economical classifications.

CPC Code 391 Wastes from food and tobacco industry

The CPC Code 391 is described as
Wastes from food and tobacco industry

It belongs to the code group
CPC Code 39 Wastes or scraps

To this Code "391" belongs the sub codes
  • CPC Code 3911: Raw offal, inedible (including pigs' bristles, animal guts, bird skins, feathers, bones and ivory)
  • CPC Code 3912: Bran and other residues from the working of cereals or legumes; vegetable materials and vegetable waste, vegetable residues and by-products, whether or not in the form of pellets, of a kind used in animal feeding n.e.c.
  • CPC Code 3913: Residues of starch manufacture and similar residues
  • CPC Code 3914: Beet-pulp, bagasse and other waste of sugar manufacture
  • CPC Code 3915: Cocoa shells, husks, skins and other cocoa waste
  • CPC Code 3916: Brewing or distilling dregs and waste
  • CPC Code 3917: Wine lees; argol
  • CPC Code 3918: Tobacco refuse

The equivalent ISIC Code (Rev. 3.1) is
xxxx: No Code defined
  Pas de Code

The Nearest HS Code (Harmonized System) (Rev. 2002) is
0502.10: Pigs', hogs' or boars' bristles and hair and waste thereof

The equivalent NAICS Code (Rev. 2002) is
xxxx: No Code Defined

Translation of the Code description
391: Wastes from food and tobacco industry

Alternative Spellings (synonyms): Tobacco, Waste, tobaccos
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