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The Top500-Lexicon

The lexicon of the top500 ( The Encyclopedia for Classification Codes ) explains the codes and definitions in the world of economical classifications.

NAICS Code 333111 Farm Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing

The NAICS Code 333111 is described as
Farm Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing
  • Bale throwers manufacturing
  • Balers, farm-type (e.g., cotton, hay, straw), manufacturing
  • Berry harvesting machines manufacturing
  • Blowers, forage, manufacturing
  • Cabs for agricultural machinery manufacturing
  • Cattle feeding and watering equipment manufacturing
  • Chicken brooders manufacturing
  • Chicken feeders manufacturing
  • Combines (i.e., harvester-threshers) manufacturing
  • Corn heads for combines manufacturing
  • Corn pickers and shellers manufacturing
  • Cotton balers and presses manufacturing
  • Cotton ginning machinery manufacturing
  • Cotton picker and stripper harvesting machinery manufacturing
  • Cream separators, farm-type, manufacturing
  • Crop driers manufacturing
  • Cultivators, farm-type, manufacturing
  • Curers, tobacco, manufacturing
  • Drags, farm-type equipment, manufacturing
  • Dusters, farm-type, manufacturing
  • Farm tractors and attachments manufacturing
  • Farm wagons manufacturing
  • Feed processing equipment, farm-type, manufacturing
  • Fertilizing machinery, farm-type, manufacturing
  • Fruit harvesting machines manufacturing
  • Grading, cleaning, and sorting machinery, farm-type, manufacturing
  • Grain drills manufacturing
  • Grain stackers manufacturing
  • Grass mowing equipment (except lawn and garden) manufacturing
  • Hair clippers for animal use, electric, manufacturing
  • Harrows (e.g., disc, spring, tine) manufacturing
  • Harvesting machinery and equipment, agriculture, manufacturing
  • Hay balers and presses manufacturing
  • Haying machines manufacturing
  • Hog feeding and watering equipment manufacturing
  • Hulling machinery, farm-type, manufacturing
  • Incubators, poultry, manufacturing
  • Irrigation equipment, agriculture, manufacturing
  • Lawnmowers, agricultural-type, powered, manufacturing
  • Milking machines manufacturing
  • Nut shellers, farm-type, manufacturing
  • Peanut combines (i.e., diggers, packers, threshers) manufacturing
  • Planting machines, farm-type, manufacturing
  • Plows, farm-type, manufacturing
  • Potato diggers, harvesters, and planters manufacturing
  • Poultry brooders, feeders, and waterers manufacturing
  • Presses, farm-type, manufacturing
  • Rakes, hay, manufacturing
  • Rotary hoes manufacturing
  • Rotary tillers, farm-type, manufacturing
  • Seeders, farm-type, manufacturing
  • Shears, powered, for use on animals, manufacturing
  • Sheep shears, powered, manufacturing
  • Shredders, farm-type, manufacturing
  • Sod harvesting machines manufacturing
  • Sprayers and dusters, farm-type, manufacturing
  • Spreaders, farm-type, manufacturing
  • Stalk choppers (i.e., shredders) manufacturing
  • Tobacco harvester machines manufacturing
  • Tomato harvesting machines manufacturing
  • Tractors and attachments, farm-type, manufacturing
  • Transplanters, farm-type, manufacturing
  • Tree shakers (e.g., citrus, nut, soft fruit) manufacturing
  • Wagons, farm-type, manufacturing
  • Weeding machines, farm-type, manufacturing
  • Windmills, farm-type, manufacturing

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing agricultural and farm machinery and equipment, and other turf and grounds care equipment, including planting, harvesting, and grass mowing equipment (except lawn and garden-type).
Illustrative Examples:
Combines (i.e., harvester-threshers) manufacturing
Cotton ginning machinery manufacturing
Farm-type feed processing equipment manufacuturing
Farm-type fertilizing machinery manufacturing
Farm-type planting machines manufacturing
Farm-type plows manufacturing
Farm-type tractors and attachments manufacturing
Haying machines manufacturing
Milking machines manufacturing
Poultry brooders, feeders, and waterers manufacturing

Establishments primarily engaged in-
· Manufacturing farm conveyors-are classified in U.S. Industry 333922, Conveyor and Conveying Equipment Manufacturing;
· Manufacturing tractors and lawnmowers for home lawn and garden care-are classified in U.S. Industry 333112, Lawn and Garden Tractor and Home Lawn and Garden Equipment Manufacturing; and
· Manufacturing construction-type tractors-are classified in Industry 333120, Construction Machinery Manufacturing.


It belongs to the code group
NAICS Code 33311 Agricultural Implement Manufacturing

To this Code "333111" belongs the sub codes
(No direct sub codes available)

The equivalent ISIC Code (Rev. 3.1) is
2912: Manufacture of pumps, compressors, taps and valves
  Fabrication de pompes, de compresseurs et d'articles de robinetterie

The nearest NACE Code (Rev. 1.1) is
29.12: Herstellung von Pumpen und Kompressoren - Herstellung von Pumpen und Verdichtern
29.12: Manufacture of pumps and compressors - Manufacture of pumps and compressors
29.12: Fabrication de pompes et compresseurs
29.12: Fabbricazione di pompe e compressori
29.12: Fabricacion de bombas y compresores
29.12: Vervaardiging van pompen en compressoren
29.12: Fremstilling af pumper og kompressorer

The equivalent CPC Code (Rev. 1.1) is
xxxx: No Code defined

Translation of the Code description
333111: Farm Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing

Alternative Spellings (synonyms): farmer, farmers, machinery, Manufactoring, farms, machineries, equipments, Manufaktur
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