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NAICS Code 488310 Port and Harbor Operations

The NAICS Code 488310 is described as
Port and Harbor Operations
  • Canal maintenance services (except dredging)
  • Canal operation
  • Docking facility operations
  • Harbor maintenance services (except dredging)
  • Harbor operation
  • Lighthouse operation
  • Maintenance services, waterfront terminal (except dredging)
  • Port facility operation
  • Seaway operation
  • Waterfront terminal operation (e.g., docks, piers, wharves)
  • Wharf operation

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in operating ports, harbors (including docking and pier facilities), or canals.

Establishments primarily engaged in-
· Providing stevedoring and other marine cargo handling services-are classified in Industry 488320, Marine Cargo Handling;
· Providing navigational services to shipping-are classified in Industry 488330, Navigational Services to Shipping; and
· Operating docking and/or storage facilities and commonly known as marinas-are classified in Industry 713930, Marinas.


It belongs to the code group
NAICS Code 48831 Port and Harbor Operations

To this Code "488310" belongs the sub codes
(No direct sub codes available)

The equivalent ISIC Code (Rev. 3.1) is
6303: Other supporting transport activities
  Autres activités annexes des transports

The nearest NACE Code (Rev. 1.1) is
63.21: Sonstige Hilfs- und Nebentätigkeiten für den Landverkehr - Sonstige Hilfs- und Nebentätigkeiten für den Landverkehr
63.21: Other supporting land transport activities - Other supporting land transport activities
63.21: Autres activités annexes des transports terrestres
63.21: Altre attività connesse ai trasporti terrestri
63.21: Otras actividades anexas al transaporte terrestre
63.21: Overige ondersteunende activiteiten in verband met het vervoer te land
63.21: Anden hjælpevirksomhed i forbindelse med landtransport

The equivalent CPC Code (Rev. 1.1) is
xxxx: No Code defined

Translation of the Code description
488310: Port and Harbor Operations

Alternative Spellings (synonyms): Operation, Ports, Operationen
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