For Sale Ne w ON-LINE EXERCISE BOOK PRINTING PRESS & SHEETING MACHINE is one of the only known machines complete with both the best production technologies and know-how received from both Western and Asian World.
We append our machine features and other benefits for your reference:
1. We have incorporated the mode of water soluble ink printing
2. Within the environmental control standard with low inks consumption
3. To present high production precision, we have manufactured the machine with 2 separate sector C Printing and Sheeting
4. Main reasons are without causing any printing or sheeting functions
5. The Printer Unit / Sector can print 2 Side / 2 Colors in both side and all direction C vertical and horizontal
6. With printing capacity of solid screen dot within 120 lines
7. It is equipped with Pneumatic Longitudinal Line Splitting and Marking Device to save manpower costs
8. Both machine sectors C Printing & Sheeting Machine can function separately for example C when printing not in use the machine can be used as Sheeter
9. This machine has additional features C interface for Tension Auto Control System, Auto Counting & Compute System, Open Side Electrical Paper Beam and others
10. This machine is highly precision and thus all system are with latest sheeting and printing technologies, parts and electronic components
11. The Machine for the Printing and Sheeting Production of C All Type of Exercise and Note Books, Writing Pad and Other Paper Products

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