Some hints for writing a successful request or offer:

  • In this market any company can publish free their products/services which are useful for other companies, importers, exporters, wholesale, retailers and agents
  • Descriptions and offers with inappropriate or illegal products will not be published and removed (Examples: Erotic, games, drugs, replicas, copyright or brand violations, weapons, spam, etc.). The publisher might be banned, too.
  • Have a short, unique and descriptive title (no longer than 120 characters). Be aware that articles with the same title are merged. But you will be warned, when your title is not unique.
  • Be specific and use keywords, which your customer/supplier will also use for his search
  • Avoid spelling errors in the keywords
  • Use uppercase in a proper way and not for every character.
  • Include some contact options, at least an e-Mail address.
  • The message should not exceed 2000 characters.
  • The language is English. Messages in other languages with unclear content will be removed.
  • This is a business-to-business-market. Offers from companies to private persons and requests from private persons will be removed.
  • You can publish as many different products as you like up to a maximum of 100 per company.
  • Publish a product only once in a year. If the product description has changed, correct (edit) the former description.
  • The published products should be different. Do not create a new announcement for every colour, size or other minor options.
  • You can include links to pictures (jpg, gif)
  • Publish your product only in the Market, not in the News and not on the frontpage.
Product Groups
In 2012 we introduced the product groups. While your post is published chronological, you can add up to five (5) product groups in the metakey box of your post.
Finish every product group name with a comma, even the last one!
Valid product group names can be seen on the left as subtitles of the menu item "product groups".
All posts will be sorted during the night (about 2:00 UTC) into the Product Groups.
If you don't know, which group you should choose, have a look at NACE Eev 2 and choose the activities, which your company is doing.
The first two digits of the NACE-code, given after each line are identical to the first two digits of the product group.
How to publish a sponsored entry

Sponsored entries are highlighted on the front page of the market overview. But there are limits for the first 5 lines, which are published on the market overview.

  • Your post includes no pictures and no link before the "read more" line.
  • You publish a maximum of 5 lines or you have inserted a "Read more" before the sixth line.

Recommended content

  • Have a short and descriptive title (no longer than 120 characters). But be aware that articles with the same title are merged.
  • Describe your product in English
  • We are a B2B-website (business-to-business). This means, You should write your offer for companies, not private persons.
  • Optional: Categorize your product. You will find in the editor a box "Keywords" (Section "Metadata"). Enter there the product groups titles where your product belongs to. (The titles of our product groups can be seen in the left menu. Save your article first before you click in the left menu on "Product Groups" to find out the titles.)
  • Don't forget to add your company name and a contact option

Any questions? Write us or enter your question at the end of your post. The admin will inspect your post and maybe will correct it.

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