Expanded PTFE Gasket is a replacement of asbestos. It is anti-creeping, anti-cold-flow, anti-low-temperature. It has no pollution and is easy to be installed and replaced. Under small pre-stress force, it can bear great internal pressure even in an environment of changing pressure. It is suitable for the condition with rough and fragile flange and alternately-changing temperature.

Application: all medium excluding melted alkali metals, high temperature fluorin and aromatic compound.
Main specification:
Test ItemExpanded PTFE Gasket Antileak GA 01503AExpanded PTFE Gasket Antileak GA 01503B

Compressibility in 350 bar25\% - 28\% 43.21\%
Recovery in 350 bar20\% - 25\% 26.63\%
Tensile Strength12Mpa - 13Mpa12.55Mpa
Temperature-100ae - 200ae-100ae - 200ae
PTFE Content100\% 100\%

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