Deutsch: Monitor Dach / Español: Techo de monitor / Português: Telhado de monitor / Français: Toit de moniteur / Italiano: Tetto del monitor /

A monitor in architecture is a raised structure running along the ridge of a double-pitched roof. roof - protective covering that covers or forms the top of a building.


A monitor roof, in the industrial context, refers to a specific architectural feature commonly found in industrial buildings, such as factories, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities. It typically consists of a raised section of the roof, often running along the length of the building, with rows of windows or skylights installed on either side. The purpose of a monitor roof is to provide natural daylighting and ventilation to the interior space below while also enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the building. The raised design allows for increased vertical clearance, making it suitable for accommodating large machinery, equipment, or storage racks within the industrial facility. Monitor roofs are often constructed using lightweight materials such as metal or polycarbonate panels to minimize structural load while maximizing natural light transmission. They contribute to energy efficiency by reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day and promoting airflow for natural cooling.

Application Areas

  • Industrial manufacturing plants
  • Warehouses and distribution centers
  • Automotive assembly facilities
  • Food processing plants
  • Logistics and fulfillment centers

Treatment and Risks

  • Regular inspection and maintenance to ensure structural integrity and weatherproofing of the roof
  • Cleaning and upkeep of skylights or windows to maintain optimal light transmission
  • Implementation of safety measures to prevent falls or accidents during maintenance or repairs
  • Protection against potential risks such as leaks, water damage, or excessive heat buildup


  • Installation of a monitor roof with translucent panels in a manufacturing plant to provide uniform daylighting for assembly lines
  • Incorporation of a monitor roof with operable louvers for natural ventilation in a warehouse storing perishable goods
  • Construction of a monitor roof with integrated solar panels to generate renewable energy for an industrial facility
  • Retrofitting an existing industrial building with a monitor roof to improve indoor lighting and worker comfort


In the industrial context, a monitor roof serves as a functional and architectural element designed to enhance natural daylighting, ventilation, and aesthetic appeal within industrial buildings. It finds application in various sectors such as manufacturing, warehousing, automotive, and logistics, where it contributes to energy efficiency, worker productivity, and overall building performance. Proper treatment involves regular maintenance, cleaning, and safety measures to ensure optimal functionality and mitigate potential risks such as leaks or structural issues. Monitor roofs play a crucial role in creating healthier, more comfortable, and sustainable work environments for industrial operations.


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Alternative Spellings (Synonyms): Monitoren, monitorin, monitors, roofer, roofs

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