Deutsch: Intelligentes Netz / Español: Red inteligente / Português: Rede inteligente / Français: Réseau intelligent / Italiano: Rete intelligente

Smart Grid refers to an electricity supply network that uses digital communication technology to detect and react to local changes in usage. In the context of wind power, a smart grid plays a critical role in integrating wind energy efficiently into the power system.

A smart grid enables the effective management of the variability and intermittency of wind energy, which are major challenges associated with this renewable energy source. By using advanced sensors, predictive analytics, and real-time data, smart grids help to balance the supply and demand of electricity, thereby improving the reliability and efficiency of the power system.

Deutsch: Wäscher / Español: Depurador / Português: Lavador / Français: Épurateur / Italiano: Scrubber

A scrubber in the industrial and industry context refers to a type of air pollution control device that is used to remove particulates and/or gases from industrial exhaust streams. Scrubbers play a crucial role in environmental management by helping industries comply with air quality standards and regulations, protecting the environment and human health.

Deutsch: Teilkristalliner Polymer / Español: Polímero semicristalino / Português: Polímero semicristalino / Français: Polymère semi-cristallin / Italiano: Polimero semicristallino

A semi-crystalline polymer in the industrial and industry context refers to a type of polymer that has both amorphous (disordered) and crystalline (ordered) regions in its molecular structure. This structural composition gives semi-crystalline polymers a unique set of properties that are crucial for various applications across different industries.

Deutsch: Rückschlag / Español: Contratiempo / Português: Revés / Français: Contretemps / Italiano: Contrattempo

A setback in the industrial and industry context refers to an unexpected delay or obstacle that hinders progress in operations, project execution, or overall business goals. Setbacks can arise from a variety of sources including technical failures, financial issues, regulatory changes, or supply chain disruptions, and can significantly affect a company's timeline, budget, and strategic objectives.

Deutsch: Intelligente Fabrik / Español: Fábrica inteligente / Português: Fábrica inteligente / Français: Usine intelligente / Italiano: Fabbrica intelligente

A smart factory in the industrial and industry context refers to a highly digitized and connected environment where machinery and equipment improve processes through automation and self-optimization. The concept of the smart factory is central to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, also known as Industry 4.0, which combines physical production and operations with smart digital technology, machine learning, and big data to create a more holistic and better connected ecosystem for manufacturing and supply chain management.

Deutsch: Nebenwirkung / Español: Efecto secundario / Português: Efeito colateral / Français: Effet secondaire / Italiano: Effetto collaterale

A side effect in the industrial and industry context refers to an unintended consequence of an industrial process, operation, or activity. These effects can impact the production environment, workers’ health, product quality, or the environment and are often undesirable. Identifying and managing side effects is crucial for maintaining operational efficiency, ensuring worker safety, and minimizing environmental impact.

Deutsch: Sirene / Español: Sirena / Português: Sirene / Français: Sirène / Italiano: Sirena

A siren in the industrial and industry context refers to a signaling device that produces a loud and often distinct sound as an alarm to alert about specific conditions or emergencies. Sirens are crucial in various industrial environments for safety and operational management, ensuring that workers are promptly warned of potential hazards or emergencies requiring immediate attention.

Deutsch: Sicherheitsbedenken / Español: Preocupación por la seguridad / Português: Preocupação com a segurança / Français: Préoccupation de sécurité / Italiano: Preoccupazione per la sicurezza

A safety concern in the industrial and industry context refers to any potential risk or hazard that could lead to injury, illness, or accidents in the workplace. These concerns are particularly significant in industries involving heavy machinery, hazardous materials, high-risk processes, or environments where physical injuries are more prevalent. Addressing these concerns is crucial for protecting employees, ensuring operational continuity, and complying with regulatory safety standards.