Stock refers to a crossbeam at the upper part of an anchor.

Sheet is defined as any material or piece of uniform thickness and of considerable length and width as compared to its thickness. As regards to metals, such pieces under 6.5 mm (1/4 in.) thick are called sheets.

Supplier is characterized as a trader who supplies products to a buyer for eventual export.

Surgicentre (UK) refers to a facility designed to serve patients who require surgical treatment exceeding the capabilities of usual physician's office yet not of such proportion as to require hospitalization.

Stepped roof refers to a building component enclosing a building above, thus providing a weatherproof having a series of offsets or parts resembling the steps of stairs or provided with a step or steps.

Standardized test refers to a test that compares a child's performance with the performance of a large group of similar children (usually children of the same age).

Silage-making or wet storage where the product obtained is silage.

Synthetic fibres refers to fibres or filaments produced from polymers.

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