Saccharata if from the Greek word sakcharon, which means the sweet juice from sugarcane.

Zea saccharata refers to a corn plant developed in order to have young ears that are sweet and suitable for eating. Examples are sweet corn, sugar corn, green corn, sweet corn plant, Zea mays rugosa
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Lexicon from 'Saccharata' until 'skylight window'
Lexicon from 'Saccharata' until 'skylight window'
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Sack-back Windsor means American Windsor armchair utilizing a horizontal arm bow (bent, or laminated) with a supplementary back bow mortised into the arm bow. The seat is usually a wide, shallow oval.
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Bow (Bow is described as the front of the boat.)
Saliva absorber is a dental device made of paper or cotton intended to absorb moisture from the oral cavity during dental procedures.
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Alternative Spellings (Synonyms): Absorbers
Fermented sausage is described as a class of chopped or ground meat products that, as a result of microbial fermentation of sugar, have reached a pH of 5.3 (although 4.6-5.0 is more typical) and have undergone a drying/aging process to remove 15-35% of the moisture.

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"Fermented" is in the HS Code "2206"
  Other Fermented Beverages (For Example, Cider, Perry, Mead).
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Semi-dry sausage with moisture protein ratio maximum . range of 1.6-2.3 is a fermented sausage which undergoes a moisture loss of up to 15% of the total. Final water activities range from .90-.94. This kind of sausage is generally smoked/cooked prior to consumption and requires refrigeration. Examples are Summer sausage, thuringer, cervelat.
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Sawn wood is described as any wood simply sawn lengthwise or produced by a profile-chipping process. Sawn wood normally exceeds 6 mm in thickness

French - bois scié
Spanish - madera aserrada
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Scutch hammer is described by its type: single scutch and double scutch. Similar in shape to the brick hammer. The single scutch hammer has one striking face like the brick hammer, while on the other end of the head a groove is cut to take either scutch combs or chisels. These bits are replaceable and are used for cutting stone or brickwork or for removing mortar from brickwork prior to re-pointing. The double scutch has no striking face, but is grooved at both ends.
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Sector classification use of NAICS sector categories to describe groups of similar businesses. A sector classification consists of the NAICS Short Title text that is a description and accompanying 2-digit NAICS industry code number. Sectors group many more detailed NAICS categories according to similarities in their business activities. Groupings are hierarchical and detailed in NAICS code numbers. For example, the NAICS Retail Trade Sector is NAICS Code 44-45. It includes more detailed industry classifications, and includes such as Home Centers (NAICS 444110) and Fish and Seafood Markets (NAICS 445220).
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