Cyan is defined as the shade of greenish blue; also known as process blue; It is one of four basic ink colors used in CMYK or full color printing process.

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Cutting-in refers to the brushing technique that is used when a clean, sharp edge is needed. Cutting-in is needed, for example, for a window sash (using a sash brush), the top of a wall where it meets the ceiling, and in areas that are hard to reach (especially when using a roller).

Curing is the process of drying newly harvested tobacco. Curing takes many forms, such as air curing, flue curing, fire curing, etc.

Crossed weaving refers to the activity that includes all fabrics in which the warp threads intertwist amongst themselves to give intermediate effects between ordinary weaving lace, as in gauzes.

Crop scouting is a process by which a field is sprayed for weeds and insects, and afterwards it is checked or inspected to make sure that the spraying has eradicated or gotten rid of what it intended to.

Crocheted is characterized as loose, open knit made by looping thread with a hooked needle. The product is used for light, summer sweaters or shawls. Other crocheted articles varies from kitchen articles, baby dresses, decorative items, and many others.

Crank, plate setter refers to a special kiln shelf that has usually three (3) legs and stacks by interlocking with others. Cranks are used to fire plates and tiles. Likewise, they are used to overcome poor use of space in kilns when flat objects are being fired.

Cradle refers to a structural component that supports the driveline and suspension.

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