Conventional thermal electricity generation is pertaining to electricity generated by an electric power plant using coal, petroleum, or gas as its source of energy.

Carnival glass is a coating which is applied as a liquid and sprayed onto the hot glass when it is slightly above 595°C.

Cast iron refers to a metal which is formed by casting on molds to make some plumbing fixtures such as bathtubs, lavatories and sinks. The iron form is then coated with enamel. .

Cabinet is a general term which can refer to:

1. An enclosure or storage unit. Built-ins can be for kitchen or other use, as in wall cabinet

Cofferdams is characterized as a temporary dam-like structure constructed around an excavation to exclude water.

Comb bind means to plastic comb bind by inserting the comb into punched holes.

A covering is something that covers (i.e. blanket , coat, etc.).

Coke refers to a solid material  similar to coal that can be produced from processing of heavy oil.

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