Deutsch: Kühler / Español: enfriador / Português: resfriador / Français: refroidisseur / Italiano: refrigeratore

Cooler in the industrial context refers to a device or system designed to remove heat from a process, machine, or environment, thereby maintaining optimal operating temperatures. These systems are crucial for preventing overheating, enhancing efficiency, and ensuring the safety and longevity of equipment.

Deutsch: Carbonsäure / Español: Ácido carboxílico / Português: Ácido carboxílico / Français: Acide carboxylique / Italiano: Acido carbossilico

Carboxylic acid is an organic compound characterized by the presence of a carboxyl group (-COOH). In the industrial context, carboxylic acids are crucial for various applications, including the production of polymers, pharmaceuticals, and solvents.

Deutsch: Cyanoacrylat / Español: Cianoacrilato / Português: Cianoacrilato / Français: Cyanoacrylate / Italian: Cianoacrilato

Cyanoacrylate refers to a family of fast-acting adhesives commonly used in industrial applications for their strong bonding properties. These adhesives, often known as "super glue," are favoured in various industries for their ability to quickly bond a wide range of materials, including metals, plastics, and ceramics.

Deutsch: Leitung / Español: Conducción / Português: Condução / Français: Conduction / Italian: Conduzione

Conduction refers to the transfer of heat or electricity through a material without the material itself moving. In the industrial context, this process is crucial in numerous applications such as heating systems, electrical circuits, and manufacturing processes where efficient energy transfer is essential.

Deutsch: Zusammenstellung / Español: Compilación / Português: Compilação / Français: Compilation / Italian: Compilazione

Compilation refers to the process of gathering and assembling information, data, or materials from various sources into a single, cohesive document or system. In the industrial context, this can involve collecting technical data, regulatory requirements, safety protocols, and operational guidelines to create comprehensive reference materials essential for efficient and compliant industrial operations.

Deutsch: Erstellung / Español: creación / Português: criação / Français: création / Italian: creazione

Creation in the industrial context refers to the process of designing, developing, and producing goods and services within an industry. It involves transforming raw materials and resources into finished products through various stages of production, leveraging technology, machinery, and human labor. This concept encompasses the entire lifecycle of a product, from conception and design to manufacturing and distribution.

Deutsch: Kompostierung / Español: compostaje / Português: compostagem / Français: compostage / Italiano: compostaggio

Composting is a biological process that transforms organic waste into nutrient-rich soil amendments through the action of microorganisms. In the industrial context, it involves large-scale operations to manage and recycle organic waste from various sources, such as agriculture, food processing, and municipal waste.

Deutsch: Cricket / Español: Cricket / Português: Cricket / Français: Cricket / Italiano: Cricket

Cricket in the industrial context refers to a small, lightweight device often used in various manufacturing and processing industries. This device, also known as a "clicker" in some settings, is typically employed for counting, monitoring, or controlling processes and machinery.