Vitreous refers to a surface material on some plumbing fixtures derived from or consisting of glass. It is low in porosity and is translucent.

Volatile organic compounds refers to volatile organic compounds as defined in the Proposed Order Adding Toxic Substances to Schedule 1 to the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999, published in the Canada Gazette Part I, Vol. 136, No. 30 (Ottawa, Saturday, July 27, 2002).

Viscosity refers to the thickness or thinness of a liquid paint.

Veal refers to the meat from a calf or young beef animal. Male dairy calves are used in the veal industry.

Ventilator is the proper term for a breathing machine used to treat respiratory failure and help support breathing.

Vacuum is a relative condition, normally referring to a lower pressure than atmospheric in any given confined volume.

Vitreous china refers to a clay material with a vitreous surface used to manufacture some plumbing fixtures such as toilets and lavys.

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Veal calf refers to a young bovine of either sex that has not reached puberty (up to about nine months of age), and has a maximum live weight of 750 pounds.

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