Vertical classification is a method used in the industrial context to categorize products or services according to their level of production, distribution, or consumption. The classification is based on the level of integration of the various stages of the production process, from raw material extraction to the end-user.

Deutsch: Lieferant / Español: Tipos de proveedores / Português: Fornecedor / Français: Fournisseur / Italiano: Fornitore

In a supply chain, a vendor, or a seller, is an enterprise that contributes goods or services. Generally, a supply chain vendor manufactures inventory/stock items and sells them to the next link in the chain. Today, the terms refers to a supplier of any good or service.

A valve is a device or natural object that regulates, directs or controls the flow of a fluid (gases, liquids, fluidized solids, or slurries) by opening, closing, or partially obstructing various passageways. Valves are technically fittings, but are usually discussed as a separate category. In an open valve, fluid flows in a direction from higher pressure to lower pressure.

Deutsch: Variation / Español: Variación / Português: Variação / Italiano: Variazione

In the industrial context, 'variation' generally refers to the range of differences or deviations that can occur in a product or process. Variations can result from a variety of factors, including natural variation in raw materials, differences in production equipment or methods, and variations in environmental conditions. Understanding and managing variations is important in maintaining product quality and consistency, and minimizing waste and defects.

In an industrial context, 'vegetable' typically refers to plant-based products that are grown, harvested, processed, and sold for use in various industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and textiles.

Deutsch: Ventilation / Español: Ventilación / Français: Ventilation / Italiano: Ventilazione

Ventilation may refer to the process of "changing" or replacing air in any space to provide high indoor air quality or the flow of air to the underground workings of a mine of sufficient volume to dilute and remove noxious gases

Deutsch: Volumen / Español: Volumen / Português: Volume / Français: Volume / Italiano: Volume
Volume is the quantity of three-dimensional space enclosed by some closed boundary, for example, the space that a substance (solid, liquid, gas, or plasma) or shape occupies or contains. Volume is often quantified numerically using the SI derived unit, the cubic metre.

Deutsch: Dampf / Español: Vapor / Português: Vapor / Français: Vapeur / Italiano: Vapore

A vapor (U.S spelling) or vapour (British spelling) is a substance in the gas phase at a temperature lower than its critical point.This means that the vapor can be condensed to a liquid or to a solid by increasing its pressure without reducing the temperature.