Vitreous china refers to a clay material with a vitreous surface used to manufacture some plumbing fixtures such as toilets and lavys.

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Veal calf refers to a young bovine of either sex that has not reached puberty (up to about nine months of age), and has a maximum live weight of 750 pounds.

The term vitamins refers to organic compounds (and some other related compoiunds) that are essential in limited quantities to the normal growth and activity of many living organisms, but may not be normally synthesized by the body in sufficient amounts.

Vulcanite is characterized as a dark-colored variety of India rubber that has been subjected to vulcanization. It also called hard rubber. A common material used for the stem on both mass-produced and hand-made pipes.

The term vehicle may refer to the following:

  • a machine , usually self-powered and self-propelled, that may be used to transport people or goods from one place to another via land, air or sea
  • an inactive or inert substance or medium that may be combined with a medicine, pigment or other active material in order to give it bulk or facilitate in its administration

Varnish is identified as the solution of resinous matter in an oil or a volatile liquid. When applied to a surface, it dries transparent, hard and glossy, protecting the surface from air and moisture.

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"Varnish" is in the NAICS Code "424690"
  Other Chemical and Allied Products Merchant Wholesalers
  ... agricultural and medicinal chemicals, paints and Varnish es, fireworks, and plastics materials and ba ...

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Vacuum is a relative condition, normally referring to a lower pressure than atmospheric in any given confined volume. A vacuum pump is defined as a pump that removes a gas from a sealed volume in order to leave behind a partial vacuum. A vacuum pump can be visualised as a compressor running with the inlet attached to the vacuum system and the outlet attached to the exhaust.

Pumps can be broadly grouped into four main categories

Positive displacement pumps
Non-positive displacement pumps
Molecular pumps
Entrapment pumps

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"Vacuum" is in the NAICS Code "335212"
  (Household Vacuum Cleaner ManufacturingVacuum cleaners (e.g., canister, handheld, upright) household-type electric, manufacturing)

"Vacuum" is in the HS Code "8414.10"
  - - Vacuum pumps

"Vacuum" is in the UNSPSC Code "27131608"
  Vacuum cups or pads
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Vacuum means void, emptiness, vacuity; space that is empty of matter. Vacuum refers to : (1) Space devoid of atoms or molecules and (2) Emptying of air. It is also a term for an electrical device which cleans surfaces by creating air suction

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"Vacuum" is in the NAICS Code "335212"
  (Household Vacuum Cleaner ManufacturingVacuum cleaners and sweepers, household-type electric, manufacturing)

"Vacuum" is in the HS Code "7012"
  Glass Inners For Vacuum Flasks Or For Other Vacuum Vessels.

"Vacuum" is in the UNSPSC Code "23151508"
  Vacuum molding machines
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Viscose fibre is described as a man-made fibre spun from regenerated cellulosic material .
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