A Binding machine relates to comb, wire, Coil, thermal, padding equipments , including supplies like binding elements, tape, and glue for use in binding.

1. Comb binding machine - Comb binding is the most popular form of binding equipment used today. The plastic 19-ring combs are re-usable and very sturdy. Plastic comb binders are ideal for binding reports, booklets, documents and for organizing other material. Quickly add or remove pages with the pull of a Lever or the push of a button. It can be operated manually or electrically. It is use in a small business or home office and is designed for low-volume binding needs. Some existing machines are small enough to be taken from one location to another and can be easily placed on a desk or drawer.
2. Wire bindinng machine - Double loop bound documents lay flat and wrap around for easy Reading. Pages are bound securely so they won't fall out. Wire binding creates a professional looking document and is great for using with reports, books and more. Wire binding machines are available in three different hole punch formats: 3:1 pitch, 2:1 pitch and 19 ring. Wire bound documents lay flat, are easy to open and give your document a high-quality appearance. We sell manual and electric wire binding machines.
3. Coil binding machine - Coil binding is a continuous PVC filament formed into the shape of a spring. You may recognize this type of binding. It is very similar to the spiral notebooks you use in school.
4. Combination (comb/wire) binding machine - Combination comb and wire binders are great for those who need the flexibility of comb binding and the durability of wire binding without the expense of two machines. It is the ideal choice for those who want the versatility of either plastic comb or double loop wire binding.
5. Perfect binding/thermal binding machine - Perfect binding is one of the most widely used methods of professional binding of books. This is the way soft-back books are created. The perfect binding machine has a clamp that takes paper ready to be bound. Once the paper is secured in the machine, it slides the paper over a glue roller that applies glue to the spine. This is the only step required if you are creating pads of paper. If you wish to bind a book and ad a cover, a nipper clamp is used to bring the cover up to the glued spine, where it is crimped into place. The end result is a professionally bound document with a soft-back cover. The book is solid and papers are permanently bound. Thermal binding allows you to create professional documents quickly and easily. Thermal binding machines use pre-made binding covers that have glue pre-applied in the spine. Before binding, paper is placed in the pre-made cover. The cover is placed in the thermal binding where the spine is heated. While the spine is heated, the glue melts and sticks to the paper. The end result is a professionally bound document that has papers firmly secured in the cover. This method of binding is widely used for reports and proposals.
7. Padding binding machine - Padding Presses are used to create note pads and scratch paper. Paper is loaded into the machine where it is clamped down. Once the paper is secure and clamped into place, glue is applied to the back of the paper. Once the paper has dried, the stack can be removed and more paper added. Stacks of glued paper can then be cut to the appropriate size. Several of our padders are capable of padding thousands of sheets of paper at a time. Padding presses are commonly used by schools, businesses and other organizations.
8. Pro Click binding machine - The zipper-like bind of the GBC ProClick binding machines makes it simple to change a document even after the bind is completed. ProClick binders punch the holes and assist with the 'zipper' binding.The ProClick binding machines are easy to use and are perfect for reports, presentations and booklets. The ProClick binding elements can be easily zipped open or closed, allowing them to be re-used multiple times.
9. Bookletmaker - Create and staple booklets quickly with booklet maker equipment. These easy-to-use machines will take a stack of paper, fold it and staple it along the spine. This is the most effective way to create pamphlets, reports, booklets and newsletters
10. Tape binding machine - Thermal tape binding offers a high quality professional appearance while eliminating the labor time and costs of punching each document set.

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Binding machine supplies

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