A Binding machine relates to comb, wire, Coil, thermal, padding equipments , including supplies like binding elements, tape, and glue for use in binding.

1. Comb binding machine - Comb binding is the most popular form of binding equipment used today. The plastic 19-ring combs are re-usable and very sturdy. Plastic comb binders are ideal for binding reports, booklets, documents and for organizing other material. Quickly add or remove pages with the pull of a Lever or the push of a button. It can be operated manually or electrically. It is use in a small business or home office and is designed for low-volume binding needs. Some existing machines are small enough to be taken from one location to another and can be easily placed on a desk or drawer.
2. Wire bindinng machine - Double loop bound documents lay flat and wrap around for easy Reading. Pages are bound securely so they won't fall out. Wire binding creates a professional looking document and is great for using with reports, books and more. Wire binding machines are available in three different hole punch formats: 3:1 pitch, 2:1 pitch and 19 ring. Wire bound documents lay flat, are easy to open and give your document a high-quality appearance. We sell manual and electric wire binding machines.