Deutsch: Pitchen / Français: Pitch / Italiano: Pitch

In the industrial and industry context, "pitch" can refer to several different things, including:

  1. The slope or angle of a surface, such as a roof, ramp, or staircase.
  2. The distance between repeating elements in a pattern, such as the distance between threads on a screw or the distance between teeth on a gear.
  3. The frequency or sound wave of a tone, used to describe the height or depth of a sound.
  4. A proposal or presentation made by a company to potential clients or investors, often used to persuade them to invest in a product or service.

Examples of the use of "pitch" in the industrial context include:

  1. The pitch of a conveyor belt, which determines the speed at which items are transported.
  2. The pitch of a screw, which determines how far the screw will move for each full rotation.
  3. The pitch of a sound produced by a machine, used to diagnose problems or detect abnormal operation.
  4. A pitch made by a company to a potential client, describing the features and benefits of a product or service and why the client should choose their company.

In each of these examples, the specific use of "pitch" can have a significant impact on the functionality, efficiency, or success of a product, process, or proposal. Understanding and optimizing pitch in these contexts is important for industrial companies to improve their operations and compete in the marketplace.


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