Kaolin is referring to a group of clay minerals, such as kaolinite, Al2Si2O5(OH)4, derived from the alteration of aluminum silicate minerals, such as feldspars and mica.

Kernel refers to whole grain of a cereal; the mature ovule.

Kairomone refers to a chemical or mixture of chemicals emitted by an organism (e.g. a plant) that induces a response in an individual of another species (e.g. an insect) that is beneficial to the receiving organism.

Kyoto Protocol makes reference to the International agreement among industrialized countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions negotiated in Kyoto, Japan in December 1997.

Kedge anchor or stock/nonburying anchor is the best example of the large, heavy, Cross-shaped fisherman?s anchor/yachtsman?s anchor, which holds the boat with its weight and by snagging rocks.

German: Perserteppich

A Karamanie is a handwoven rug/carpet. The origin is the turkish, Iranian area.

Kid refers to young goats.
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Alternative Spellings (Synonyms): Kids

A kitchen island is a centrally-located, unattached counter in a kitchen that permits access from all sides, and may be used for food preparation, auxiliary cooking or even as an extra table.