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A grocery store is a retail store that sells food and other non-food items. Large grocery stores that stock products other than food, such as clothing or household items are called supermarkets. Some large supermarkets also include a pharmacy and an electronics section, the latter selling DVDs, headphones, digital alarm clocks, and similar items.

In the industrial and business context, "grocery" refers to a retail store that sells food and household goods. Here are some examples of the use of grocery in different industries:

  1. Supermarkets: Large chain stores that sell groceries, often including a wide variety of products such as fresh produce, meats, dairy, and packaged goods.
  2. Convenience stores: Small stores that are often located in residential areas or near highways, offering a limited selection of groceries and other convenience items.
  3. Specialty stores: Stores that focus on a particular type of food, such as a cheese shop, bakery, or health food store.
  4. Online grocery stores: E-commerce platforms that offer groceries for home delivery or pickup.
  5. Organic grocery stores: Stores that focus on organic and natural foods, often catering to customers with dietary restrictions or preferences.

Other similar terms used in the context of retail stores and consumer goods are:

  1. Department stores: Large stores that sell a variety of goods, including clothing, electronics, and home goods in addition to groceries.
  2. Convenience stores: Small stores that offer convenience items such as snacks, beverages, and household goods in addition to groceries.
  3. Wholesale stores: Stores that sell bulk quantities of goods to businesses and individuals, often at a discounted price.
  4. Discount stores: Stores that sell products at lower prices than traditional retail stores, often including groceries.
  5. Hypermarkets: Large stores that combine a grocery store and a department store, offering a wide variety of products under one roof.

All of these terms refer to different types of retail stores that sell groceries and other consumer goods, and are important considerations in many businesses and organizations in the retail industry.

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