Beverage is a general term which means a drink specifically prepared for human consumption. Almost always it largely consists of water. It is a liquid for drinking; usually applied to drink artificially prepared and of an agreeable flavor; as, an intoxicating beverage. Below are specific kinds/types of beverages:

1. Water from the tap or from a bottle
2. Juice - fruit and vegetable juices, which may be fresh, chilled or frozen or made from a concentrate.
3. Soft drinks - soda or carbonated drink
3.1 Aguas frescas.
3.2 Lemonade
3.3 Orange drink
3.4 Carbonated drink
3.4.1 Cola
3.4.2 Ginger ale
3.4.3 Root beer
3.4.4 Sarsaparilla
3.4.5 Cream soda
3.5 Carbonated water
3.6 Squash
4. Sports drinks
5. Infusions
5.1 Coffee
5.2 Tea
6. Dairy drinks - milk, yogurt drink, chocolate milk, milkshake, egg nog, almond milk, horchata
7. Alcoholic beverages
7.1 Pisco
7.2 Peru.
7.3 Ouzo
7.4 Pomace/Marc brandy
7.5 Rum
8. Cocktails - mixed drinks
9. Hot beverages - coffee, tea, hot chocolate, hot cider, cappuccino
10. Pearl milk tea, aka Boba Milk Tea, is a tea drink popular in China and among overseas Chinese.

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"Beverage" is in the NAICS Code "312"
  (Beverage and Tobacco Product ManufacturingBeverage and Tobacco Product Manufacturing)

"Beverage" is in the CPC Code "0161"
  Beverage crops

"Beverage" is in the HS Code "8476"
  Automatoc Goods-Vending Machines (For Example, Postage Stamp, Cigarette, Food Or Beverage Machines),

"Beverage" is in the UNSPSC Code "24121803"
  Beverage cans

Ref: 122497/2006-10-01

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