Consumption is a term that can refer to:

1. The using up of goods or services or the amount used up.

2. The ingestion of food by eating or drinking;
3. The utilization of economic goods to satisfy needs or in manufacturing
4. Dietary intake based on (a) amounts of specific forages and other feedstuffs, or (b) amounts of specific nutrients.

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Consumption is the value of goods and services bought by people. Individual buying acts are aggregated over time and space. First, consumption may be divided according to the durability of the purchased objects. In this vein, a broad classification separates durable goods (as cars and television sets) from non-durable goods (as food) and from services (as restaurant expenditure). These three categories often show different paths of growth.
Second, consumption is divided according to the needs it satisfies. A commonly used classification:
1. Food
2. Clothing and foot wear
3. Housing
4. Heating and energy
5. Health
6. Transport
7. House furniture and appliances
8. Communication
9. Culture and schooling
10. Entertainment

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Consumption is the using up of a resource. Moreover it is defined as the selection, adoption, use, disposal and recycling of goods and services", as opposed tho their design, production and marketing.

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